NOTD: Essie Adore-a-ball

    Just a little post today :)  This was my first Essie polish~ I was very excited it since I've seen plenty of pretty swatches floating around the web....but...yeah....

    Three coats of Essie Adore-a-ball
    Seche Vite Top Coat

    Walmart brought Essie polishes in-stores a couple months ago.  They run about $7-8, which imho is a little expensive in my eyes but I figured if the quality rivaled Zoya ($8/bottle), it would be all good.  I have a weakness for very bright polishes but I've been sampling some more modest colors lately.

    Purchased at: Walmart. Have yet to see these in Rite Aid or Walgreens though.

    Cost: $7-8

    Packaging: The bottle seems awfully small but the embossed company name in glass on the back is nice.  There's nothing special about the brush or the rest of the bottle otherwise.

    Formula: Ugh, it was so friggin' runny!  The application was a pain; it was like trying to apply water to my nails (ok, I'm exaggerating, but only a little).  It was very difficult to get an even coat and you can tell on my thumb especially, that the finish was a little bumpy.  It also took a remarkably long time to dry - a lesson I learned the hard way when I tried to add a coat and ended up clumping the earlier coat.  The lasting power was about a week.  I also applied 3 coats and you can still see my bare nails through some of the thin streaks.

    I adore (sorry couldn't resist) the feminine milky, pink color.  The lovely translucency is beautiful too.  The only other polish I have that gives a comparable jelly-like finish is my Jill Stuart Love Scandal #109. Unfortunately, the testy formula, which is watery, hard to apply evenly, and needs at least 3 coats to be somewhat opaque - kills it for me.  I wouldn't repurchase this nor would I recommend this to others.  I've been a little turned off the Essie brand because I'm not willing to spend $8 on a tiny bottle of polish with such a crappy formula.  Maybe the one I got was a dud, I don't know - but I won't be trying Essie again for awhile.  I've heard fabulous reviews of Essie polishes on other blogs so I don't know what's up with my experience - but yeah, for me this was a definite return :\

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