Crap...I'm addicted: Once Upon a Time

    I rarely watch American TV series because it's bad enough I have to wait to see ONE episode/week but having to anxiously watch multiple SEASONS just drives me nuts.   For K-dramas, I like how no matter how popular the drama is, the # of episodes are set (at worst, a 2-4 episode extension).   This allows me to start watching after the entire drama has aired, which usually just takes 3-4 months (as opposed to YEARS :P).   The fact that there is no set end date to popular American TV series is just not good for my blood pressure....a curse upon renewing seasons.....

    Anyway, the trailer/commercials for the show struck me as a little cheesy so I had no plans on watching this...but I had the misfortune of watching the pilot episode this weekend and NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOW I MUST KNOW WHAT HAPPENS.
    Emma Swan’s life has been anything but a fairytale. A 28-year-old bail bondsperson, she’s been taking care of herself since she was abandoned as a baby. But when Henry—the son she gave up 10 years ago—finds her, everything changes. Henry is desperate for his mom’s help and thinks that Emma is actually the long, lost daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming. Yes, the actual Snow White and Prince Charming. Even stranger, Henry believes that Storybrooke, the sleepy New England town he calls home, is really part of a curse cast by the Evil Queen, freezing fairytale characters in the modern world with no memory of their former selves.

    Of course the seen-it-all Emma doesn’t believe a word, but when she gets to Storybrooke, she can’t help sensing that everything’s not quite what it seems. As Henry shows Emma around with the help of his fairytale book, the town, and its inhabitants like Henry’s therapist Archie Hopper and the enigmatic Mr. Gold, seem just strange enough to set off her already suspicious nature. She becomes even more concerned for Henry when she meets his adopted mother, Regina, who he suspects is none other than the Evil Queen herself!

    Storybrooke is a place where magic has been forgotten—but is still powerfully close—and happily ever after seems just out of reach. In order to understand where the fairytale world’s former inhabitants came from, and what ultimately led to the Evil Queen’s wrath, you’ll need a glimpse into their previous lives. But it might just turn everything you’ve ever believed about these characters upside-down.

    Meanwhile, the epic battle for the future of all worlds, modern and fairytale alike, is about to begin. For good to win, Emma will have to accept her destiny and fight like hell.

    Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, two master storytellers behind Lost and Tron: Legacy, invite everyone to brace themselves for a modern fairytale with thrilling twists and hints of darkness, brimming with wonder and filled with the magic of our most beloved stories.

    The special effects aren't all that bad and I have a soft spot for Ginnifer Goodwin, who plays a feisty Snow White~  The main character, Emma Swan, the daughter of Snow White + Prince Charming, is from House.  She strikes me as a little blase compared to Rumpelstiltskin and The Evil Queen but overall, she plays the uptight, lonely soul pretty well.  Currently, Rumpelstiltskin is my favorite character (mostly because he's a slimy badass eheh), but overall the actors are all playing out their characters very nicely, especially Rumpelstiltskin and TEQ.  The story itself is pretty simple (there was controversy over it being too much like the comic book series, Fables) but there's something mesmerizing about the leaps between the fantasy world and modern day Storybrooke. My favorite part about the series is guessing which people are which fairy tale characters.  We already have Snow White, Prince Charming, Jiminy Cricket, Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, etc. but I heard they just cast a Belle and there are a number of characters that remain "mysterious/yet-to-be-categorized."

    Like who is Sheriff Graham (I'm guessing the EQ's Huntsman?) and who's Henry supposed to represent?   Where did that fairy tale book come from? If there is a Belle, will their be a Beast?  ahhhh!!! 

    Random tangent: OUAT reminds of the rarely updated online comic, No Rest for the Wicked.  It's not finished (and I doubt it ever will be), but check this out if you're bored.  It's a fun little read ;)

    This TV series debuted in October and is only 4 episodes in *sigh*  I have watched all the episodes up this point (free streaming episodes+recaps here) and am impatiently waiting for the next one. There are supposed to be 22 episodes total in Season 1 and unfortunately, the ratings are really good + the screenwriters are Lost veterans so I have a bad feeling there are going to be many seasons of this show -_- I'll just die of impatience if they take 6 seasons a la Lost to wrap it up...ughhhh....

    Does anyone watch Once Upon A Time?  If yes, what do you think :D?!

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