Overview of My Beauty Diary Blooming of Beauty Masks

    Hello peeps~ before I start review the MBD Blooming Beauty sheet masks I thought I would do an overview of the latest series the ever-popular Taiwanese brand, My Beauty Diary released in 2010: the Blooming of Beauty series. This is a Limited Edition series and consequently, there are packaging differences and apparently there were changes in the mask material and formula too.   The BoB has 9 varieties (all are shown above).

    From Make Me Blushhh
    Check out Mona's post because it's pretty helpful.
    # 1- 17 : My Beauty Diary Natural Key Line: the regular line that currently has 17 scents.
    • I think they've added more since though.  I don't see the Cherry Chocolate, Bird's Nest, or Southern Apricot masks, for example.
    #18 -20 : My Beauty Diary Luxury Line: the premium line that currently has 3 scents.
    The Blooming of Beauty line is separate from the more known line aka the Natural Key line.  Hence they differ in packaging, formula, and price.  Per mask, the BoB series masks are slightly more expensive by a few cents (~.10-20 cents depending where you get yours).

    Packaging Changes
    The Blooming of Beauty series comes in boxes of 5 each whereas the regular MBD masks come in boxes of 10 each.  Both mask types also come with identical shiny plastic slips.  The packaging designs for BoB is quite classy (as you can see above), flower-y, and quite pretty. I adore the new individual mask packets (scroll to bottom).  They are so pretty compared to the Natural Key's boring rectangles.

    Everything from the ruffled top and narrower design just seems a lot more luxe - although, since they're more expensive, they should be.

    Mask Material Changes
    The BoB masks are slightly thinner than the regular line. Supposedly, this helps with absorption but either way, both kinds of masks are fine.  Also the shape of the masks have stayed the same, both have just two slits around the chin.

    The MBD mask shown here is from the original/regular line, NOT the BoB series.

    Speaking of, one thing I don't understand is why the packaging picture on all the MBD masks show a mask with 4 slits:

    ...when the actual masks themselves only have 2 slits.  I'm pretty sure the masks I get are legit (the date stamps are embedded, cuts align, I buy from Sasa etc) but it confuses me why they'd advertise it like that.  I heard from Winnie that MBD recently added more slits to their masks but :\ but I dunno, I must have tried over 10+ varieties of MBD all from Sasa/legitimate sellers and they've all been the same 2-slitted version, even these very new BoB series.

    Formula Changes
    I've heard that there have been some formula changes and personally, I find the Blooming of Beauty series more effective overall than the Natural Key line ^_^  I may be slightly biased by the gorgeous packaging but the White Lily mask really just clicked with my skin :D But I'll get into that later during individual reviews.   Overall, the formula's texture and appearance are similar to the original masks - both serums are clear, light, dry without residue, and on the whole quite effective.

    These are the masks I've tried so far :)  I'll refrain from reviewing these individual masks in this post but the Lily and Damask Rose masks were lovely!  I was so excited about the Damask Rose especially because come on - Coldstone Ice Cream!!  In actuality, the mask smells like a very sweet rose ^^ As for the Hydrangea mask, I wasn't crazy about it.  I've never actually smelled a hydrangea >< but it smelled strongly of black tea to me - REALLY strongly.  Hence why I wasn't crazy about it.  Anyway, I'll be reviewing the Blooming of Beauty masks I have during the next few days along with a nice bunch of Cosline and VOV masks.  I'm so glad my Sasa package finally came in that I will probably flooding you guys with sheet mask reviews xD don't say I didn't warn you ;)

    Also I am sure everyone has heard about the traumas Japan has been facing in the past several days so I wanted include a list of links where people can donate.  These are all reputable places where you can be sure your money is going where it needs to go. Here is a small list of US/English language places you can donate:
    ManWomanFilms (above) also has a massive list of donation links in her YT info box so poke around there too.

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