Review: NYX Diamond Sparkle Lipstick in Orange Sparkle

    Purchased: $4.50 @ Cherry Culture

    Packaging: Nice, solid and it looks quite fancy compared to other NYX glosses.  It snaps into place when you twist it, which is nice.   I don't like the weird doe foot very much though.  It's too wide and the angle makes it awkward putting the gloss on.

    Pigmentation: SO rich for a lipgloss!  It's a definite bright red-orange with a light purple sparkle.  The sparkle is very fine and there is no "grittiness."

    Lasting Power: Not amazing but not terrible considering it's a gloss: about 2-3 hours but I have a tendency to lick my lips so it might be longer on some.

    Scent: A really strong, artificial vanilla scent.  It's not a bad scent, much more pleasant than the awful "lollipop" scent they put into their NYX Mega Shine lipglosses.  However, I'd prefer it if there was no scent at all.

    Formula:  Despite the rich color, this does not stain your lips and the glossy sheen is very pretty.  Overall, the formula is really nice and I don't have any complaints.

    Texture: Perfectly liquid-y without dripping.  The small purple/silver glitter flecks are not gritty (huge plus!) and you can't feel them.

    The funny thing is that the color is SO pigmented that I end up dabbing the color off a little/not wearing it at all because the color is so bright ^_^  But this is me thinking the color is too much for my face rather than a fault of NYX's product.  The sparkle and finish is really pretty and for people looking for a bright, highly pigmented gloss should try this!  I would like to try this in a more understated color now (Rose Sparkle!); I got Orange Sparkle this time around because I thought it would be "orange tinted" which I like in lip glosses.

    Overall, since the formula and packaging is quite good and the price very reasonable a la NYX - I would totally recommend people who want bright lip glosses to try this.  For those looking for a more subtle look, this might not be for you though ^_^

    More swatches: Lip Gloss Kitty, Makeup Geek

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