Korea Trip 2010, Part 14: Seoul Food P0rn

    This is a continuation of Part 13: Emergency Road Services + Samsung AnyCall MVs
    To start from the beginning go to Part 1: Flying to Tokyo

    So this really just a mashup of some of the food I ate in Korea...yum :}  Not much reading to do for a change ;)

    This is a Japanese sushi restaurant on the top floor (6th I think) of Seoul Shinsaegae.   The whole 6th floor is a food court, if I recall correctly.

    A little salad that seems to accompany most meals in Korea - Korean or non-Korean.
    It's an amusing nod to Western salads but with a light vinaigrette and composed of mostly just iceberg lettuce, carrots, and other "mild" tasting veggies.

     Lunch special: Bento Box

    We also ate at this place called Hana Restaurant, which specializes in dol-sot bap (rice cooked in a stone pot) dishes and tongkatsu (the Japanese fried pork cutlet).

    It still amazes me how cheap food is in Korea. And no tipping is required either ^_^ To get an idea of the prices, just move the decimal three places (aka 5,000W = ~$5.00...actually less, more like $4.50).  So whole entrees are $5-7 :D

    I adore stone-pot rice, it tastes so good compared to rice made in a rice cooker!  It tastes deeper and at the bottom and edges the rice is crackly (like a cracker) and after you eat all the rice, a waitress pours some water into the pot to lift off the slightly burnt/scorched rice making nu-rung-gi (누룽지)!  Asians eat scorched rice as a snack too - the Western equivalent is essentially a rice cracker.  Good stuff!  Scorched rice-flavored candy is really good btw - check it out next time you are in an Asian market ^_^

    They also sell one-person (and bigger) sized stone pots at market places.  They are mad heavy but totally worth lugging home if you eat rice every day.  You can cook the rice in it on the stove just like a regular metal pot :)

    Tong-kat-su (pork cutlets).  I'm not a huge fan of tonkatsu and this one was fried out of its mind (I like mine a little softer).  But the taste itself was pretty good :)

    I forgot where I ate this but it was good stuff :) I love fat noodles, it's such a comfort food ^_^ I went to Busan after this for a few weeks and went around to a lot of museums/landmarks and took SO many pictures...I kind of dread picking through them ><

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