NOTD: Zoya Rica from the Sunshine 2011 Collection + Candyyy

    Grrr...I'm still so annoyed with Blogger :( I lost about 2-3 drafted posts during the whole Blogger fiasco and I'm still sulking about it ^^;; I have to write my travel post again and for chrissake WHY won't the image uploader work in Firefox!?   I hate having to open Safari to just upload a picture into these posts.

    Ok I'm dumb.  I somehow disabled 3rd party cookies ^^;; Now I can FINALLY COMMENT other people's blogs! So yeah.  If one day you're on blogger and your image uploader and/or you can't post comments - check if you enabled 3rd party cookies x}

    Zoya Rica - 2 coats
    Seche Vite Top Coat

    Another NOTD, seriously? yeahhh I don't know why, but I am obsessed with painting my nails. It's therapeutic for me - painting my nails while watching to TV is my way of unwinding on Friday night ^_^ This is another slight repeat color for me; I usually wear it in a rainbow and this was my first time wearing it as a solo color.  It's a lovely color either way though isn't it ^_^?

    Also - I haven't posted about CANDY in awhile. I've an uncontrollable sweet tooth so I'm forever snacking on candy of some kind and here are a few gems I've tried in the past few weeks months (plus a few favorites):

    Steph of Julu Jewelry sent me this along with a pair of Angel Wing Pearl Earrings I ordered awhile back.  I love the earrings btw, I got them in lavender and I wear them pretty often since they are pearls and studded.  The pearl is quite large so they're very noticeable.  It's also in rhodium so no tarnishing~  Anyway, these alien-eggs are SO GOOD.  It's powdered matcha on the outside with a red been filling if I recall correctly. The triangle packaging is so cool too.  I wish I could find these in Asian markets but no luck :( SO GOOD, highly recommended indeed!

    Bali's Best - SO AMAZINGGGGGGGG.  They sell these in random Asian markets now (Hmart and Hanaro) - YES.  My favorite hands down is the Green Tea Latte one.  It actually tastes like green tea!   The Latte candy (yellow bag) is pretty good too, it tastes like a real latte drink.  It's quite strong actually :)

    The green tea is a little disk with no filling and the Latte Candy is fatter because it has a creamy milk center :)~  My 2nd favorite is Bali's Coffee candy. It's SO coffee-ish! It has no filling but it tastes like pure unadulterated black coffee.   I have also tried the Expresso candy, which has a filling as well.  That one is my dad's favorite because it's sweeter ^_^  Sadly, you can only buy in bulk from the official website, but there are a ton of sellers who sell individual bags online.  I am DYING to try the Citrus and Iced Tea Candy; if the Green Tea Latte one is any indication, it'll pure tea goodness :D  Sadly, I have never seen the Citrus or Iced Tea ones in stores :( I may very well order them online one day.  Everyone must try this brand!

    Some quick replies to people because Blogger commenting is being such an ass:
    Aki! - I tried posting on your blog but it was NOT WORKING :( But yes, I saw the tag and thank you very much for doing it ^_^

    Suzy - yes I'll do this tag soon.  I just need to take a pic :} Thank you for tagging me.

    Eleonora - Yep, I visited Dongdaemun!  I forgot my camera that day though so no pics :( I liked the setup a lot but everything seemed a little overpriced to me after being in Busan for some reason though :P I had A LOT of fun there just walking around there and I'll definitely be going back. What's the name of the restaurant?  I'll be going back to Korea in October I think and I'd love to stop by there.

    ....and I think that is all the questions ^_^  Man I have missed the blog-o-sphere....14 days = 14 Internet years ahah.

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