Korea Trip, Part 15: Love Locks!

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    Gun-chun Reststop

    I was really excited to do this post because this was an unexpectedly memorable moment during my time in Korea (almost exactly a year ago in June 2010...I can't believe I'm still writing this).   On our drive from Seoul to Busan, we stopped by this large, fancy rest stop called Gun-chun Reststop.

    A peek from the way we came:

    And to the left:

    Food!  This is only a small section of the eateries.  Where the roof ends is a porch/deck-like area (which I shall show you in a sec). But first, on the very end of this long building:

    A pity I didn't take a proper picture of it, but this reststop building is very wide and long and in the middle there is a roofless section aka a wide deck.  While scenery is quite lovely, the real centerpiece of this place is this little love nest!

    Sign says: Love Swing

    Romantic huh ^_^? Lives up to the whole romantic image K-dramas like to give out ;)  As if it couldn't get more lovey dovey, the wall is covered with little love notes:

    Love is....starting and ending with 'thank you.'
    Love is....becoming one.
    Love is....being considerate and respectful.
    Love is....like tending a plant; you must nurture it.

    In green: 
    My heart hurts watching you be hurt.
    It brings tears to my eyes.
    Could you know of my love (for you)?
    (must be one way love >_>)

    Under the bear
    Forever. Always. Don't change!

    I must admit my cynical heart gave a little chirp of envy looking over the innocent, somewhat naive declarations of undying love ~ ;)  This seating area overlooks a pretty nice view too although my camera (as usual) doesn't do it much justice:

    It was a dreary day so it didn't capture well, but the scene was very peaceful and relaxing even though there were quite a few people milling around.

    And what's this?  If you look closely at the deck railings you will see....

    Locks! They actually sell these in one of the little shops in the reststop building. Why?  Why for romantic couples to "lock" their love together forever ;)! (I guess declaring your love on a wall isn't enough).

    Definitely among the most adorable locks I've ever seen.  The rust and worn writing 
    shows that these locks have been here for awhile...I wonder if they are still together~

    Joong-myo, In-hae 
    Best!! (I think.  It's spelled weird)

    Let's live well together.
    SH <3 HK
    Love you forever.

    Jin-gook <3 Kyung-hwa
    Pretty/beautiful love forever.

    I love you.

    Uncle. Aunt. Mom.
    Enemy Jae-bum. (jokingly said I'm sure ^_~)
    Going to the wedding. Don't fight.
    (hmmm how random!)

    I know there are lots of little love spots in Korea you can chain locks together :} Kawaii Nails did a post with some pics she took in Korea of more love locks at Seoul Tower:

    Credits: Kawaii Nails

    Yeah....a lot more lovin' going on in Seoul ;)

    P.S. Best Love ended today!  But My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho was a tad better think ^_^  It's too hard to resist Lee Seung Ki's smile and Shin Mina's dimples :}

    Totoro reference!!  That will never get old for me ^^

    Can we say cutest couple eva :D!?  Speaking of, does anyone know where I can get that CHICKEN LEG PILLOW??? I MUST HAVE IT!

    ....yeah....^_^ So that's it for this post!  Been busy lately but will be back soon~ It was Father's Day, then my mom's Bday, then my bro's graduation *whew* But even though I do not say it enough - thanks to all the peeps who read/comment/etc my blog :)!    I am happy to be able to share this wee slice of my life with you.

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