Nicole by OPI Love Your Life and Let's Get Star-ted

    I got these a while back at Walmart because I have a weakness for glitter and impulse buys.  They look great in the bottle huh?  I was just going to Let's get Star-ted at first but the hearts just called my name :)

    Purchased at: Don't remember but they were $6-7/each. Not exactly cheap.  You can get this at Walmart and Target as well as other drugstores I'm sure.

    Packaging: Bottle is a cool shape.  Kind of like a sphere squashed on one side :]   The brush is rather unusual though - very wide and flat with the tip cut in a V-shape (though my shitty macro shot does little to show that).  The tip of the V is to "place" the huge stars and hearts onto your nail....which brings me to the formula....

    Formula: ....since the idea is more to "place" the large glitter pieces onto your nail rather than brush them on, this formula does not glide no matter how you play with it.  It goops, clumps, and dries gloopy - it's too viscous!  It's almost a gel rather than a liquid.   If you look at the Let's Get Star-ted nails below, you can see how friggin gloopy it dries :\  It also dries slowly...very slowly.

    Removal is pretty easy though :)  All you do is hold a cotton pad to it, the "color" of the heart or star will turn silver, and you can just gently peel it off your nail. It's a fairly painless process.

    Essie Ador-a-ball
    OPI Love Your Life/Let's Get Star-ted
    On top: OPI for Sephora Flurry Up

    As cute as the finished look is it's SUCH a pain to fish those glitter flecks out then place it nicely on your nail before it hardens.  If you move it around too much the clear part of the formula starts "rolling up."    Also the little glitter sprinkles are essentially useless even though it does look nice in the bottle.  Application is a pain but removal is easy.   Surprisingly, I liked how Love Your Life turned out more even though I like stars more in general.  I think it's because the Let's Get Star-ted formula was even more viscous than the Love Your Life - I hated the way the final look dried in clear bumps and waves :\  Also the tips of the stars curl up a little so you do have to use a top coat (I didn't feel like it) if you don't want the tips of the stars folding up.

    Overall, these were fun to play with but the formula got on my nerves so much that I just returned both.  I think these would be fun for a once in a while play, but it's not something I'll miss that much.

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