Squirrels, Tags and Kpop :)

    To give you a small update on my life: oh man non-blog life has been busy -_-;;;   I've been getting home at 9pm (not including the commute :P *sigh*), became addicted to eating Trolli Sour Gummy Worms, and been taking LOTS of pics!  My heart quails at the idea of sorting through all of them actually...  But here's a little something in the meantime ^_^ 

    This little charmer was sunbathing on our deck and I was lucky to get a clip of him.  Squirrels are so cute ^_^ I have a weakness for little rodents (mice, hamsters, chipmunks....some rats), a love only rivaled by my love for cats.  I'd love to raise a cat and mouse as friends!   I've heard it can be done but I admit I'll always be worried to come home one day and find a mouse carcass :(   I like dogs too (spitz particularly) but even in my imagination a spitz type dog + a cat + a mouse are not going to be a trio for long :(

    A couple weeks back, Suzy kindly tagged me for a What's on My Nightstand tag...but be prepared to be disappointed:

    I love that that frame ^_^  Anyway, that is a pic of me and my bro during the Blizzard of 1996 (East Coast, USA).  Virginia doesn't get much snow in general, so to get a legit BLIZZARD was nothing short of traumatic (aka fun for kids :) ).  Virginians are the type to stock up if you get 3 inches of snow....not exactly the hardy type. Oh man, I remember that blizzard.  No school for WEEKS, piles of snow up to my chest (literally)....it was great!  My brother super cute back then - he looks like a wee elf with his purple hood! As for me....there I am...looking suspiciously manly *sigh*

    Anyway, yeahhhhh I don't keep makeup in my room. I'm hardly ever in my bedroom really, I just go in there to sleep ^^  Here's what I keep next to my closet though:

    There are built-in bookshelves by my closet and that's where I keep the things that would normally go on a nightstand I suppose~  This is non-makeup stuff I use everyday:

    1.) The Limited coupon + receipt - oh gosh I've been clothes shopping a lot lately.  Right now The Limited and Banana Republic have been my drugs of choice~

    2.) Julu Jewelry earrings :} They are little dangle-y balls of pink and opal bi-cones.

    3.) My glasses - If you are curious about how I look in my new glasses - you can also go here.   Fyi, I talk like I write aka A LOT~   So feel free to pop me on mute...except for the end!! Aziatix *heart* there's nothing like a little fan-love to bring people together right ;)?

    4.) Watch from Walmart.  It was $10, I've been using it for 2-3 years and still works like a charm~ I've love to get a watch with a white leather band though :D

    5.) Versace Bright Crystal - my "signature" scent of choice ahahah It's the only perfume I've worn regularly.  It has a nice clean scent, give it a whiff when you're at the mall :)

    6.) And my ring!

    This is a new acquisition for me.  I'm not a big ring wearer but this one I adore.  I got it from Kohl's while they were having this massive 60% off all Jewelry sale.  They had lots of pretty rings that were "open" and integrated into the design, but this was my favorite.  In general, Kohl's had a great selection of jewelry that I'd recommend taking a peek at if you're looking for some inexpensive high-quality pieces.  This ring is sterling silver and was $18.  I'm not particularly fond of sterling silver because it tarnishes but since I wear it daily, the tarnish doesn't have time to build up ^_^

    I shall tag: Sincerely MimiBeauty & Aikido, Lioness in Tokyo (I love expat blogs! And this is one of a chick in Tokyo.  She also has a beauty blog.), Hello qts, Love Tiffo, What iLike, Delyteful Speaks, Vanilla Sencha, Sweet Candy72, A Cosmetic Affair

    Suzy (Dottilicious on YT) is cute as a button btw :D she's a relatively new discovery for me and she has that really lovely accent and sweet attitude.  I've pretty much dropped dead on the YT front because I just can't juggle a blog and channel at the moment but I watch the vids she posts on her blog. She's into Asian brands, which is obviously straight up my alley :)

    Speaking of, I love the stuff on Gmarket but ordering from that site has been a PAIN for me (aka I never succeeded). I am not sure why logging in and placing an order properly has been so IMPOSSIBLE...it just keeps saying my login is invalid etc etc.  I think it's my laptop honestly but it's such a hassle I've given up.   The horror stories I've heard about Gmarket communication pains me too - I hate bad customer service and when I'm mad, the only Korean I'm typing are cuss words -__- If anyone has a similar issue and has fixed it - let me know~

    P.S. Suzy, I swear I'm doing the other tag video....but curse it I have the memory of a goldfish and keep forgetting ><

    On another topic, I don't watch music shows very often anymore but here's a couple songs I've been really liking -

    Lim Jeong Hee - Golden Lady

    This is definitely my favorite song of the month! Such a feel good, girl power song ^_^ Love the vocals, the beat, and message.  She actually debuted in 2005, but I read that she was more focused on street performing rather than music shows, which says a lot about her natural talent and abilities as a musician I think :)  Also features G.NA (why must the 'i' be a period? *sigh*) who has a catchy song for herself that I like a lot, I'll Back Off So Yo Can Live Well.  

    Baek Ji Young - Average

    I really like the lyrics of the song.   The music video is rather boring (lots of running :\) but there is sexy Oh Ji Ho (Chuno), so yeah~   I still sort of miss her Sad Salsa days but her ballads are always solid and her vocals are great.  The songwriter for this song is the same as LJH's Golden Lady I believe (somebody's raking in the dough lately I bet ^_~)

    Jay Park - Tonight

    He does a lot of showing off of his dancing skills, it's rather gratuitous...but that aside this is just such feel good, happy song!  I still have my suspicions about his departure (I'm in the minority of fans that think he did something), but his career has moved nowhere but up since then and I think he's better off solo anyway.  He always sort of outshone everyone else in 2PM; 2PM definitely lost a chunk of talent without him for sure :\   Anyway, the MV is actually fun to watch and JP still walks that fine line between cute and manly like a pro :D He looks like a guy who'd be fun to be buddies with ^_^  He's got a lot of expression...I guess that's what makes him such a good performer :} I like this song a lot better than Abandoned for some reason; the hook is catchier I think.

    MissA - Love Alone

    awww I miss MissA already! They're definitely one of my favorite groups :) This whole song's sung in English and it's not bad at all~ I think this song was for Kim Yuna's "Ice Show." I was surprised how concise the pronunciation was, but since JYP himself is fluent I guess I shouldn't have been surprised :)

    2NE1 - Lonely

    Oh man, if I had a 2nd favorite song at the moment it'd be this one.  Promotions have been pretty low key but whatever, it's a good song.  This is how I like 2NE1, subtle, stylish, and focused on their vocals.  Their hook is so damn catchy too~  Everyone's looking great (except for Dara's awful hair in the first half, though god knows she could rock a paper bag if she wanted too).  Bom is still looking hot in those one pieces and if I adored Minzy and CL more, I'd probably be....creepier ^^;;

    FT Island - Hello Hello

    The subber did a fantastic job explaining the nuances of the word "annyeong" (the title of the song) so I'll just paste it here:
    As you can get from the lyrics, the song is about the two opposite meanings of the word "annyeong", which means both hello and goodbye in informal speech. Therefore I couldn't really translate the word as either "hello" or "goodbye" because it was referring to the word itself, and not to a specific meaning, so if I had translated it, the song would lose most of its essence. That's why I just left it as it is.
    Even with the upbeat air, this is a pretty sad song and MV :( but I love the dichotomy of hello/goodbye and the upbeat air/sad lyrics...  It reminds me a bit of CN Blue's I'm A Loner with fun little repeating catch phrases but that's no surprise since CN Blue said they were much inspired by FT Island :D

    So yep, that's all!  Have a great weekend everyone!

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