NOTD: Jill Stuart Love Scandal #109 and HAIR :}

    I was lucky enough to win Ashura (Clover Beauty Inn)'s Jill Stuart giveaway.  I was really excited to win because I've never tried any Jill Stuart products and JS's gorgeous packaging has always intrigued me.   I feel like I'm holding a magic potion ^_^!  This polish is Jill Stuart Love Scandal #109, which is from the Jill Stuart Valentine Love Collection LE 2011!  You can see swatches of this whole LE collection here

    LT: No flash.  RT: Flash/Sunlight.

    No base coat.
    Jill Stuart Love Scandal #109 - 2 coats
    OPI for Sephora Flurry Up

    It's a gorgeous rich red -  definitely the best Valentine's-red color ever :}  Besides being my first JS polish, it was my first "jelly" finish polish.  I love the jelly finish - it adds a translucent delicacy that such a vibrant color normally wouldn't have. 

    And of course, the packaging is gorgeous - I love it.  The jeweled cap just really captures my fancy ;)  The sweet, girly, finely detailed packaging is very luxe in my eyes without being saccharine. This the the kind of "fake gem" Holika Holika should put on top of their Aqua Muse Watery lipsticks!

    The brush is flat (tho not as wide as the Lioele Ice Cream polishes) and pretty easy to use.  The jelly polish is a little more watery than I'm used to but it wasn't streaky at all.   This polish also removes very cleanly and does not leave stains even though it's quite a bright color. 

    My only real complaint is that it wasn't very long lasting.  I had to remove this color for work so I only got to wear this for the weekend so I didn't use a base coat, but even without a base coat, Zoya polishes last 2-3 days but this one started chipping by the end of day 1.  I haven't tried this polish with a base coat yet though, so it may not be a big deal.  Also, if you want to buy this they are 75 HKD aka ~$9.65 USD, which is a tad pricey for a tiny bottle of polish. You're definitely paying for the packaging. Overall, it's a lovely color in a gorgeous bottle that looks oh-so-pretty on my dresser ^_^

    Also I got a haircut a few days ago :D  I'm not particularly sure how I feel about my new bangs but it just feels really good to have my hair re-layered.  I also trimmed off the split ends and overall, my hair feels a lot lighter and manageable :) But my mom said that this cut makes my face look fatter O_o so I guess that makes me wonder if this is a flattering cut ^_^;;;

    Here are a few of the hairstyles I've had before. Which bangs should I get next time?  Should even get bangs at all?  I've been thinking of just growing out my bangs out completely like this:

    Also I was having a lot of fun on Taaz, which is a website where you can put in a pic of yourself and virtually put on makeup, colored contacts, and different hairstyles :D!  I seriously used to kill SO much time on that website while procrastinating in college xD  Anyway, which hairstyle do you think I should get next time?

    I'm kind surprised how much I like #1 and #11 :D I don't think I have the heart to chop my hair that short yet but maybe in a few years I will.  #5 and #9 please me too.  I've been thinking of lightening my hair color for spring but I haven't dyed my hair since....freshman year in HS.  I streaked my hair light red my senior year of HS too but you couldn't even see it so it hardly counts -_-  Anyway, let me know what you peeps think :)!!

    And last but not least . . . .

    H a p p y  E a s t e r !

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