NOTD Rainbow: Zoya Sunshine Collection + Swap

    Are these not the most perfect weekend nails everrrrrrrrrr~?!  I've worn these crazy nails two weekends in a row even if it's a pain to apply 5 different colors.  During my ridiculous Zoya binge, I ordered the entire Sunshine collection (except for Reva) since that looked a lot like slightly darker version of Kimmy to me. People may have seen me raving about this on Twitter already ^^

    Temptalia and Scrangie were both lukewarm about this collection's formula, but with VampyVarnish's not-quite-raves but good review, I bought them all anyway ^_^  And omg I love them :D!  They're not perfect though:
    1.) Absolute glitter bombs - all the polishes have a ton of gold micro-flecks.
    2.) Easy to build from sheer to opaque.  Some have complained that these are sheer polishes but seriously, they really aren't.  Yes, at one coat they look suspiciously sheer but all the polishes are opaque by 2 coats.  Tanzy and Rica may take 3 coats though.  Kimmy is actually opaque enough to get away with one coat if you want :D
    3.) Pretty long lasting. The first time I wore these I didn't use a base or top coat and they lasted 3 days anyway.  I haven't worn them for a longer length of time yet though - crazy as I may be, even I don't have the guts to wear 5 sparkly polishes to work all at once xD
    4.) VampyVarnish says these colors aren't that unique but me being a relative polish newbie, I have no dupes of any of them.  Especially Faye and Rica which are pretty universally considered unique to this collection.

    1.) Formula is admittedly not as good as the Summertime collection (cream finishes) but I think that's a consequence of just being total glitter bombs.  The formula dries a hair slower than the typical Zoya polish, but it really isn't a big deal. It's like a difference of 5 minutes but for watching-TV-whilst-applying polishers like me, it's no big deal.
    2.) Downside of these polishes being choked with gold glitter is that when you remove them, you get little gold glitter flecks everywhere :P So you have to wash you hands afterwards 2-3 times to get rid of all that residue.  That said, for a glitter polish these are really easy to remove :)  Not like the Sally Hansen Rockstar 05 which is by far the most painfully annoying polish to remove -_-
    Anyway, enough with the chatter! I took a lot of pics because I just love this happy look ^_^ Just looking at my nails make me feel chipper!

    LT: from LT to RT - Faye (pinky), Reva, Tanzy, Apple, Kimmy (thumb)
    RT: the top hand in reverse.

    These colors remind me of Lifesavers or summer fruits :D
    Faye: a plum or fig.
    Reva: sugared pink grapefruits.
    Tanzy: sunkissed tangerines!
    Apple: ....granny smith apples. Duh :}
    Kimmy: sun-ripened strawberries.
    Oh mannnnn, Faye is definitely a winner here.  It's such a lovely, unique plum with gold flecks.  From reviews I've read, Faye has been been a universal favorite and I can see why.  Reva (the pink grapefruit) is a close second with Kimmy (the strawberry red).  That's followed by Tanzy - the perfect orange color imho then Apple.  Honestly, I really like all of them though.  I think they all go so perfectly together :D

    And don't they just look so glittery in the sun ^_^?  I accidentally shrunk this image down too much so it's hard to see details but yeah~

    And what it looks like from far away :)  My hands look a little too yellow in the pics but for those with yellow-undertones and have trouble finding an orange that doesn't make your hands look sallow - Tanzy is a fantastic orange color.  It goes quite well with my yellow undertones and reminds me of mandarin oranges ^_^

    And last but not least~ Awhile back Elisa (of Memorable Days) and I did a face mask swap and she sent me a couple MBD and Dutch masks :}

    It was pretty cool to get a package all the way from the Netherlands ^_^ And the Hello Kitty marshmallow candies were really good; they were filled with strawberry jam.

    So far I've tried the Natto mask (orange-y :D) and am probably going to try one of the Dutch masks next.  Elisa was being mad cute and stuck little translated directions everywhere ^^

    Looking back I noticed I haven't been doing many "personal"-style posts and I think I'm going to focus on that for awhile now.  I still need to finish my Korea Trip series (backlogged for almost a year now -__-) and I feel like I'm becoming a little impersonal :P Anyway~ it's FRIDAY. Have a good weekend peeps :)

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