Korea Trip 2010, Part 12: A Buddhist Temple in Seoul

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    I was quite excited to do this post because the place was so peaceful and lovely.  My pictures really don't do the place justice; partly because my camera sucks and partly because it was very cloudy that day.  Anyway, by my aunt's apartment, there was a little Buddhist temple.  It was a very peaceful place even though it's sandwiched by immense apartment buildings on every side.  The vibe is a bit like how Central Park is a patch of greenery in NYC, on a much much (much) smaller scale of course :)  The pic above is the temple gate and in the background you can see the modern apartments of Seoul.

    Dragon :D!

    Once inside (apparently anyone can wander in and out as they please during the day), there were steps that led up to some beautiful buildings (my aunt said they're renovating so they were all freshly painted) and a Buddha statue :}

    There was marble alter and you can see the swastika that Hitler misappropriated :P

    Little buddhas that were inset along the walls of the pavilion :)

    Here's a view of Seoul from the pavilion :)  I love the type of pine trees that grow in Korea - it's cute how it's all branch-less at the bottom and bushy on top ^_^ Like tall bonsai~  I wonder if I could plant a tree like that here.... 

    Off the pavilion were little temple buildings and bunch of lanterns strung up on poles.  

    On the left was an alter?-ish looking thing with candles lit inside. Those are names and wishes written on the candles; I can barely read it but one of them is wishing someone will fall in love with her -____-;;

     It's like being in a sae-guk drama ^_^! Love the bright colors.

    Maybe I should finish watching Dae-Jang-Geum (Jewel in A Palace)....  I got through 30 episodes (it was really good) so I still have 20 some left to go~ I would've finished but finals got in the way and I never got back to it :P  Anyway, the focal point of the temple grounds was this building:

    The car ruins the effect a bit eheh but even monks have places to go ;)  That's my mom up there ^_^

    From the front.

    These are three different drums and my aunt told my that they are rung (or 'bonged' may be more appropriate) a couple times a day (I don't think it's every hour...maybe it is. Don't remember).

    This dragon is behind the metal curvy edged sheet-looking drum on the right.  It swings back and forth and hits the curvy thing and makes it ring :}

    And here is me by my favorite drum ;)   I am fond of this pic because my legs look so slim but I must confess that it's the flattering angle and lighting >.<  And is it just me or is it not amusing how the top of the drum is all dusty xD?

    I did a run through of the pictures I have left to post....holy smokes, this series is going to be well over 20, if not over 30 posts long O_O!  *sigh* But I'm motivated because it makes me so happy that people actually read them ^_^v Thank you!

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