10 Asian Hairstyles

    Hi everyone,
    Quick post today~ I stumbled across this Soompi post with some "Asian" hairstyles so I thought I'd post them here in a more easy-to-read linear format.   Just click to make them larger :) These read in blocks of 4 btw, just follow the numbers ^_^

    My favorites are 2, 4, and 5!  Most of these are buns, but that's good for me cuz ironically, I don't like having my hair down and I am a fire hazard with a curling iron ><

    Speaking of, I want to donate my hair, but I read that Locks of Love doesn't use all the hair for cancer patients - that in fact they usually sell most if it :\ So, I was thinking of just selling my hair and donating the money.  Money is always the most appreciated anyway.  That said, where do I go to sell my hair?  The most famous hair-selling website where you can post for free is The Hair Trader and it's been down for awhile now :\  All the other hair selling websites I've come across charge money to post and the only salons I frequent are Asian-owned and very uninterested in buying hair -_- Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

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