Christmas Kpop, Pudding Choco Rolls & Surprise Giveaway~!

    This will be kind of a random post. JYP Nation released "This Christmas" yesterday.  It puts me in a real Christmas mood! And I've never seen so many cute scarves, hats and mittens all at once xD!!

    A couple things strike me as really funny/cool about this MV:
    1.) I don't care what people say about JYP (Jin-Young Park, CEO of JYP Entertainment), I think he's cool. He dances like nobody's business and even if he does have terrible taste in pants, I really respect how close he is to his singers (I heard he's a micro-manager before debuts but come on, he ought to be - he is CEO after all).  Also he's an entertainer himself and a good one at that so I feel like has a lot more to offer his trainees other CEOs that tend to be just businessmen *cough*leesooman*cough* ;)  But whatevs, to each their own. But then how many other CEOs do you see frolicking with their trainees ^_^?

    2.) I think it's so funny how obvious it is only the *ahem* "good" singers are singing and dubbing over the weaker singers.  Not hatin' but it just seemed really obvious in this MV.

    3.) Who thought the insanely gratuitous Nickhun rap at the end was SUCH fangirl service?! I loved it of course - that boy does know how to be charming *swoon*

    4.) Since JYP is a fluent English speaker himself, the MV on the official JYP channel was subbed.  Now if only the other entertainment companies would to that :\  I'm sure some fan out there would do them all for free...

    5.) Anyone catch the in-joke at 1:22?  JYP is holding out a piece of dduk (rice cake) to the camera.  Dduk is JYP's favorite snack and 2PM made JYP's dduk-fetish infamous with stories of how JYP would yell  criticisms at them after they'd been practicing for hours while he's sitting in a chair eating dduk - and he would never offer them any xD  So, JYP offering the camera dduk is a pretty funny tongue-in-cheek poke at his own behavior ;)

    6.) So...there's SM Town, YG Family, and now JYP Nation.  Huh. What's next Cube Country?

    Remember these? Yeahhh, saw another flavor at Hanaro Mart this weekend - Choco Roll in Pudding flavor.  And according to the pictures on the box pudding = flan + a chocolate truffle? This came with seven individually packaged rolls.

    Since they are so sweet, each roll is enough to satisfy a (normal person's) sweet tooth.  For me, it takes 2-3 rolls till I feel a little sugar rush coming on.  All in all, very nice sized dessert snacks.

    This baby is significantly sweeter than the Taro flavored ones.  MUCH sweeter.  The outside is a generous layer of milk chocolate over a layer of crunchy cookie then a very sweet pudding-flavored filling.  The pudding taste is nice enough (though sweet) but the texture of the filling is the same as the Taro rolls.  As in kind's a really indescribable texture but it reminds of me of baked sweet potatoes.  Overall, this thing is really good but way too sweet. I prefer the Taro one, plus Taro's filling is prettier with little purple flecks in it :)

    I'm in a FILMING MOOD these days so I'm hoping I crank out a lot o' videos this weekend. Namely that goram concealer video that's been moldering on my harddrive.  And now because I am a mite unpredictable and completely off my nut...surprise giveaway time!

    The first person to post the name of the AWESOME TV show I'm referencing in the above paragraph gets a surprise :D!! And no, I'm not tell you what it is till I announce the winner ;)

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