Korea Trip 2010, Part 6: Heading Back to Seoul

    Continued from Part 5: Busan Shinsaegae
    Or start from the beginning, Part 1: Flying to Tokyo

    I thought it was about time I continue recapping my Korea 2010 trip ^_^ I'm going to try to finish recapping this travel series before December is over because I might be going to Korea again soon and want to have this out of the way before then :) Also - shout out to omyimagination who I believe is in Korea right now!

    After a few days in Busan we had to go to Seoul for a few days and instead of taking the KTX, we decided to take a small plane.  The plane goes much faster of course, it's only a 1 hour flight or so between Seoul and Busan.  I forgot the name of the airport we went to but it was much smaller than Incheon Intl Airport as this airport only conducts domestic flights.  We had some time to kill so we went to this restaurant called food*clock (I presume cuz people at the airport eat whilst waiting for their plane ;) )~

    Are those not the sweetest booths :D?!

    I got seafood soon-du-bu chiga (seafood tofu soup). I love tofu :)

    Side dishes: quail eggs, damn...forgot the name..., kimchee.
    Poor crab (leg) :(
    Awww...so cute. They're the size of my thumb. They taste...like an egg with very little whites.
    After that I wandered to the bathroom, which was pretty friggin sweet.  And yes, I just stood there creepily taking pictures of the bathroom ;)

    But the coolest thing was the mirror by the sinks....

    Ehhe, can you see the lady's legs behind mine ;)?
    I nobly resisted the temptation to go into the men's room and see if they had a matching mirror :D Pretty short post eh ^_^

    Onwards to Part 7: Back in Seoul!

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