Mini Black Friday Haul: LOFT, Lioele, R&R, and Ekilove

    Hi peeps, I did a short haul video - my first - and I tried to keep it short and non-review like.  Do people even like to watch haul videos :\?   I guess we'll see ^^  Anyway, this is some of the stuff that's come in from my Black Friday shopping. Also I shall announce the surprise giveaway winner (and prize) on my next post!

    Mentioned In Video:
    Ann Taylor LOFT
    Rock & Republic
    Sephora Gift Card

    No swatches but here is a look at my R&R beauties:

    I will do a better review of these later.  More importantly, here is my EkiLove package!  Everything in Made With EkiLove is made by Eki of A Little Bit Eki. She's a pretty famous blogger as well, tons of reviews on Japanese cosmetics!

    Eki is known for her lovely packaging (besides her hime jewelry and hand-sewn pouches.  I love the attention to detail :)

    I've really been wanting one of her square pouches and she hasn't made them for ages so when I saw them (after making a feeble resistance), I pounced on one after my mom claimed my other EkiLove pouch for herself >_> ehehe

    I got blue because I thought it suited me best personality-wise.  It came with a lot of goodies and I'm pretty intrigued with what I could do with the nail deco stickers...

    I love the roominess of the pouch :D And her pouches are OOS right now but her Twitter says she will be adding some more pouches if you are need of a makeup pouch ~

    This cost of one of her makeup pouches may seem a little steep but I think it's worth it since it doesn't expire or anything ^_^  I like how this pouch is all cotton so it can be washed if makeup spills inside.  One problem I had with her V-day pouch was that the zipper charm came off because the jump ring (connects the charm to the zipper) stretched out.  But I noticed for this pouch she used a much thicker, stronger jump ring :D All the seams are tight and even, no loose threads.  You guys probably know I have a weakness for things handmade and I like owning unique, one-of-a-kind items so for me the expenditure was worth it :)

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