Review: Silk Whitia Soy Milk Whitening Mask

    I was super excited to finally receive my Sasa haul ^_^! I got a nice bunch of Silk Whitia, My Beauty Diary, and FaceQ masks so I'm excited to see which one I like the most ;) I first heard about the Silk Whitia brand from fuzkittie - she raved about the Silk Whitia Soy Milk and Silk Whitia Anti-Oxidation mask so those are the two I got ^^  I've been really dry this winter, partly I'm sure, because my skin is still naturally sloughing off after the hives I had for two weeks.  Also it's been really cold in NoVa, very windy. Anyway, the point is that I used up all the masks I bought in Korea and they really helped me hydrate and heal my face so I thought it'd be a good opportunity to try some of the most raved-about masks on the net :)

    Purchased At: Sasa

    Cost: $17.90 for 5 (1 box) but Sasa is doing a Special BOGO Promotion :D Aka $17.90 for 10 = $1.79/mask. Silk Whitia masks are on the pricey side so this is a good time to try them if you're curious.  Ends Jan 3, 2011.

    Silk Whitia Soy Milk Whitening Mask is fermented from soy bean. It contains a rich amount of hydrolyzed vegetable protein, vitamins B1 and B2 to leave skin fair and brightened. The MSH highly effective whitening essence makes the skin white and elastic. Use daily for best results.
    Suitable for: All skin types

    Experience: The mask came folded and drenched in essence :) I noticed the mask was really thick, soft, and fibrous. The mask pics are after it's dried, but they show how fibrous the mask was and that's why it's able to hold so much essence.  The mask is not "delicate" so I don't see it tearing easily.

    The eye, nose, and mouth hole are smaller than the Hisamitsu Lifecella Essence Sheet Mask Hyaluronic Acid mask, which is good since I feel like it covers even my under eyes and underneath my lower lip ^^ You can see in the pic the mouth and eye holes are long and narrow, not just an oval.  I had some trouble squeezing my fat lips through the hole tho :( The downside is that the top of my forehead had about of inch of space uncovered, but then I have a big forehead >_< but I don't have scars/dryness there anyway.  Overall, I liked the fit of this mask because every bit of my face was covered (except a bit of my forehead) even my eye bags.

    I fell asleep with this one so it was on my face for maybe 30-40 minutes, I kinda had to peel off the dry mask :P  While my face had no residue on it, my neck, where I'd smeared some of the extra essence, had dried crust/essence on it :P  I had to wipe it off my neck, however, I can't blame Silk Whitia for this since they do say in the directions that you should rinse your face afterward.

    Fit: Not fantastic. Fits me pretty well but it's just not a very adjustable mask for many face shapes.

    Scent: Milk Cookie :)! Delicious, I wanted to eat it! Smells like Vanilla Soymilk in other words~

    Texture: Very thick and retains a lot of serum.

    Excess serum:  The excess serum is slightly sticky and leaves a dry crust on your neck that needs to be washed off. While I feel the serum is effective, I was very annoyed that I had to wash off the crust, directions or no directions.

    Leave skin fair and brightened <-- Yes, my face was a lot brighter and luminous.
    Leaves skin white and elastic <-- Yes, skin felt very plumped and hydrated.
    Overall Results: Redness was way down and my face was super luminous...I was like...glowing! I was so moisturized I looked a little oily ^^  My face felt plumped, hydrated, and clean.  My face also seemed 1-2 shades lighter O_o but I think it's because my face is usually pink-ish from acne scars.  I finished off with a bit of Skinfood Red Ginseng Toner :)  This mask claims to whiten, increase elasticity, and brighten - and yes, I think it does all these things. What I noticed most about this mask is that it really brought down redness and plumped my face.

    This is the first mask I've used from my collection so I can't do comparisons or make any long-term comments yet but this was a great experience. I like the simplicity of the ingredients and the yummy scent!  The only con was that the extra essence dried in crusts on my neck and had to be washed off :(  Nonetheless, based on this experience, I would highly recommend this mask, especially since it's for all skin types, the ingredients are quite gentle, and it smells amazing :)

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