Lunar New Year + Free Shipping @ The Body Shop!

    From Sempio - check out the recipe too ^^

    Tis Lunar New Year today :D! My mom made a little pot of rice cake soup (떡국/tteokguk) ^_^ so we'll probably eat that tonight~  We don't do any of the bowing/dressing up in hanboks (I've had enough of that through jesa anyway), but I love tteokguk (especially with dumplings/mandoo :D).

    For a little Lunar New Year trivia, here are some fun (and short) posts:
    - Why Koreans call Lunar New Year gujeong/구정/"old new year" via Ask a Korean
    - And of course, good ol' wiki :)

    Happy Lunar New Year!
    I wish everyone a wonderful year with lots of good luck!
    (even though it's not looking so good for us rabbits darnnit -_-)

    Also here are some pics of the snow we got in VA last week ^_^ The snow was excellent, all dense and heavy, great for snowball making :D Lots of people lost electricity for awhile though because many power lines went down under the weight of the snow and falling trees :(

    Also, speaking of Lunar New seems like The Body Shop celebrates it too xD!  Usually you need to spend $50+ to get free shipping but now you can get Free Shipping with any purchase amount! And it get's better, on top of free shipping and the free mini duo with $25+ purchase - Ebates gives 10% cash back (which is a pretty hefty amount)!  Ends tomorrow (2/4).

    So, to maximize your savings:
    1.) If you haven't already, make an E-bates account.
    2.) Go to The Body Shop E-bates page & click through "Shop Now" for 10% cash back.
    3.) Add whatever amount to cart, though I recommend $25 to get the little gift set ^_^
    4.) Free Shipping is automatically applied (no coupon code necessary).
    5.) Same with the gift set, TBS will ask you which one you want automatically.
    6.) Confirm purchase & you're done :D!

    If I may humbly suggest the Vitamin E Face Mist (check out Rainy Day's review) and the Cocoa Butter Lip Care Stick, these are great :D and I shall review them soon :)

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