Swap + Zoya Adina NOTD + Randomness!

    Quick, random post tonight...really tired today ;_;  But I just wanted to share the swap I had with PDXBeautiful aka Julie.  I've been following her YT Channel since the beginning and she does great reviews on drugstore and Asian skincare products.  She's a licensed Esthetician in Portland, OR so has a very practical outlook to her reviews.   She also one of the nicest people I've met online ^_^  Anyway, we did a swap for Valentine's Day and I just wanted to share the package she sent me :D

    Here is her video of the stuff I sent her:

    Also, here's a current favorite polish of mine - Zoya Adina!  I think it's my second favorite after Zoya Freja (gunmetal) in terms of polishes I wear without glitter/fancy top coats and still looks eye catching yet professional.

    Zoya Adina + Seche Vite Top Coat

    I just LOVE the duochrome-ness of this polish!  It goes on a deep mauve lavender but flashes a vibrant apple green.  The polish itself is infused with delicate silver micro-glitters.  It goes on very smoothly and 2 coats (though I usually do 3) are sufficient. And just for fun~

    An old school Green Apple Tootsie Pop - ahh I feel young again ^_^  also I couldn't help noticing that my nail polish was a lighter version of the tootsie pop :} And as if this post couldn't get any random....For people who don't know the cuteness that is My Milk Toof - isn't the teaser just so adorable xD!?

    I haven't been this excited about a Blogger-celebrity book release since Bakerella, the cupcake pop queen :D!

    Last thing - Sasa has been grating my nerves with their obnoxiously slow shipping this time.  I placed an order with expedited shipping in January and it's still not here :P   I have to admit part of it is that I can literally see my face getting worse without it's daily sheet mask treatment :(!  In the last 3 weeks sheet mask-less, my face has gotten redder, I've been breaking out more, and my skin texture has gotten rougher.  It's a little unreal how much a difference sheet masks have made for me.  I've ordered from Sasa 4-5x before and it's always taken 3-4 weeks max and it's been almost 5 weeks this time.  I guess why I'm really troubled is because Sasa didn't provide a tracking number (never worried about it before) and it's literally been in transit for 3 weeks, which is pretty long even from HK.  This won't prevent me from ordering again from Sasa again but this really just reminds me of the severe lack of reliable Asian cosmetic/skincare retailers in America -_- *sigh* Anyway, this delay is why I haven't done my Uber-Sheet Mask Ranking video yet :(  There are seven more sheet masks I want to include in my ranking, which haven't arrived in my Sasa haul so that video will just have to wait...sorry peeps :(

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