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    Siwing really made my day when I woke to find this earlier this week:

    :DDD!!! Thank you, Siwing!

    The Rules:
    1. Thank the blogger who gave me the award.
    2. Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation, and experience using five words.
    3. Pass this on to 10 other bloggers that you feel have a substance in their blogs.

    I'm really, really touched that Siwing thought of me....I'm such a small fish in the blogging world so it was just wonderful to know this little burp of a blog is enjoyable to read ^_^ Which leads to why I even blog in the first place (in 5 words): Blogs bring people together everyday.  Even though there are limits to how well you can really know a person online, when I see FOTDs, OOTDs, personal posts and reviews, I feel that I am seeing a part of them.  It may not be all of who they are but it is still facet of someone out there in the world you would've never known existed before you came across their blog.

    This is just a small slice of the few blogs I have frequented for quite some time now  :} If you're not here it's probably because I've just started reading your blog within the last few weeks or I think you've already been tagged in this award ^_^ Anyway, I hope you find these as enjoyable as I do.
    Queen of the cupcake pops. She was on Martha Stewart ^_^ 
    Takes sinfully adorable pictures.

    I really like her makeup style ^^;; Fresh and clean looking....

    Love her eyeshadow swatches!

    kpop + high fashion + dramas + scathing commentary + awesome photos

    One word: shoes. I dunno, I really like her taste in shoes.

    Her review on Koji Eye curlers just blew me away.

    SO CUTE. The adventures of two baby teeth :)

    Love her makeup picks and she just has one the prettiest layouts ever.

    Her FOTDs are practical and pretty :)

    #10 - everyone on my blogroll ^_^

    And some random weekend weirdness...

    My new favorite socks.
    Of the many passing fancies I have had...this has been THE longest lasting hobby for me....

    Living room of my dollhouse.
    Yes, dollhouses.  Dollhouses fascinate me - the REAL ones made to look like true to life miniatures, not the fake Barbie-house kinds.  I think my favorite part of dollhouse building is wallpapering, make staircases, and gluing on crown and base moldings.  I have one dollhouse, it's a 7 room one that my dad made for me in...4th grade?  It sounds big but it's really quite small ^^ It only has windows on one side ;)  I just played around with it through elementary school but in high school I took to it seriously and started researching on lighting and flooring techniques.  Sadly, dollhousing (is that a word?) is rather an expensive hobby :P so I work on one room at a 10 years later I've finished 6 rooms ^_^. Still have 2 more rooms to go, the attic rooms.  It's been a labor of love for me and all the pillows and curtains were made by my mom so needless to say, my dollhouse is one of my most prized possessions.... eheh maybe I'll post the finished house one day :)

    These little figurines have been sitting by my bed for years.  They have dust-hair ^^;;
    And last but not least....

    Bakerella's Hi Hat Cupcakes
    More Bakerella goodness. I love how she takes cross-sections of her baked pieces of heaven. It must be my lab rat side coming out ^^  While I imagine there are a few people out there barfing over the ridiculous amount of icing on this me that thing is heaven on earth *YUMMMMM*

    On that note, what interesting (and little known) hobbies do you guys have and who are your favorite food bloggers?  (And please leave a link to your fav food bloggers, I'm always on the hunt for more food porn).

    Have a good weekend peeps!

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