Taro Choco Roll

    Quick, kind of random post today :D I was a-wandering around H Mart and found this treat in the snack aisle:

    Japanese candies and snacks tend to get more spotlight on the blog-o-sphere I think so why not throw a little more variety out there ^_^?  I was intrigued by this because 1. it looks delectably sweet and 2. taro + white chocolate? Never tried that before so I was curious.

    Interestingly enough, it came with an odd number of choco rolls (seven) individually packaged.  Each roll was about 4in long.  The center was this off-white creme with purple flecks (the taro I suppose) and covered with a crunchy cookie (cracker?) that Asians often eat plain too. The outside had a generous coating of white chocolate.

    Ok, to be honest I have no idea what taro is supposed to taste like but the center was yummy.  It reminded me of sweet potatoes/yams ^_^  The cracker part was nice and crunchy.  The only downside was that I think there was too much white chocolate on it, it kind of overwhelmed the taste of the creme center.  It was also very, very sweet even to me with a big sweet tooth.  One roll of this was enough to satisfy my craving but (for the sake of research ;) ) I ate another and confirmed that one is the perfect size for a quick sugar kick.

    I would say this may be too sweet for some but for people who like sweets, this is something to try.  Then you can tell me if this actually tastes like taro or not ^_^ And since each roll is pretty rich, the box of seven does last for a few days.  I remember this box was $4-5, which I think is a little on the pricey side but it makes a nice treat :)

    ...I feel like I typed the word "sweet" a hundred times :P

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