Glico Pocky Chocolate Dessert: "Custard cake of strawberry"

    Another quick snack review :DDDDD I love these. I could probably eat 20 boxes of these a day.

    They're basically a very decadent Pocky with two layers of chocolate-y this case custard cake and strawberry.  Or as the box says, "Custard cake of strawberry" :\ 


    Each box has 4 pouches of 3 sticks...which lasts me all of 10 minutes :P  The custard layer is not quite as green as it looks in the pics, it's really a nice mellow yellow >_> but regardless, it's quite a pretty little snack with cute lil crisscrosses going willy nilly. This could be too sweet for some but the classic Pocky has way too little chocolate coating for I really like these more :) plus they have more "exotic" flavors like Chocolate Banana Cake, Hazelnut, Chocolate Formage, Double Chocolate, Tiramisu, Marron White, Chestnut, Strawberry Shortcake, and Orange.... I've only ever been able to try this and Chocolate Banana Cake, both of which were wonderfully creamy and decadent.  It's too bad the Asian markets around here don't carry the full range :(

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