HQCD Fancy Alice necklace

    Here is one of my all time favorite necklaces, He Qi Crystal Design's Fancy Alice necklace!   Lisa has a whole series of Alice necklaces, which were inspired by Alice from Twilight.   I was so happy to snag this one because Lisa used a 18mm Fancy Cut Swarovski Crystal AB heart, which has many, many more facets than regular Swarovski hearts.  To be honest, I'm still debating which I like more, this necklace or my Super Nova necklace in Heliotrope.  I love them equally but I wear this one a lot more often because it's glamorous in an understated way rather than in-your-face dazzling.

    This is another necklace I quite awhile ago so I have no pictures of the packaging but I remember getting quite a few beauty product samples with it.  It came boxed and had a little pocket of candy too :) Now onto this little beauty~

    ahhhhhhhhh....so shiny~
    It has a AB coating so the crystal glitters blue and yellow, mostly yellow when against my skin ^_^  It's got so many facets on it - I love it!  The crystal is really beautiful...it's really hard to capture on camera but look how shiny it is in even in dim light.

    LT: no flash. RT: flash.
    Look how many facets there are!  In sunlight, little pinpoints of light from this crystal bounce around the room. It's really very eye catching!  There are glints of blue, yellow, orange and white~  I really like the figaro chain and the antique style link.  It's classic, elegant and so versatile...you can wear it with anything really, I actually like wearing it best casually.

     Here you can see the crystal reflecting a cool icy blue~

    A final close up...

    Sorry for the extraneous pics ^^;;

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