How to: Dress with Broad Shoulders 101

    Hey everyone! This is my first Youtube video eva~so I hope you like and definitely know what you think :}

    Also here are some extra tips that I did not include in the Youtube video:

    1.)  Although dolman, off-shoulder and V-necks tend to be the most universally flattering on broad shouldered chicks, don't let that stop you from trying on halter tops, ruffled tops and blazers. Halter tops such as these are perfectly flattering because of the deep V-neck balances out the shoulders.

    This is also an example of how NOT to wear ruffles.
    Unfortunately, these probably wouldn't look too good since not only are these high-necked, they have all sorts of embellishments around just the shoulder and chest area.  Since the focal point is the shoulder area, these types of halters should be avoided.

    2.) Wearing ruffles is totally fine but be sure they do not sit around the shoulder or too close to the neckline.  Ruffles should draw the eye down the body (visual elongation) and/or follow a deep V-neck shape.


    The large ruffles just sit right on the chest and shoulder area AND they are high collared, all which emphasize the upper body.

    3.) I didn't have time to include blazers in the video but I want to say I actually think blazers look BEST on people with broad shoulders.  Albeit, make sure you take out the shoulder pads but since the structure of a blazer is meant to look competent, bold, and strong - I really, really think that blazers are pulled off the best by people who have the shoulders to pull it off.  Broad shouldered peeps should selected one-button blazers that cinch between the bust and your belly button.

    Seriously...blazers on broad shouldered peeps are the shize.  Also if you leave the blazer open it basically slims your body line.  Generally darker or neutral toned blazers would probably work best.


    This is not so good cuz there is a horizontal seam right across the bust, a high neck and ruffles everywhere.  But the worst thing is really the general boxy cut of the jacket which would make almost anyone just look....boxy.

    Usually broad shouldered people have gorgeous backs.  Play it up!  Look for unusual back designs to draw attention :)  Plus there are few things sexier than being modest in the front then BAM sexy in the back :D

    The same goes for strapless dresses. I've read everywhere that broad shouldered peeps should just forgo strapless dresses altogether. But, like spaghetti straps, just wear a cardigan or wear your hair down :)

    Anyway, the focal point of a strapless dress is a beautiful clavicle and usually swimmer chicks with broad shoulders have a well-defined one. So show it off :D! 

    PART 4: A few (ok a lot) more tips:
    1.) Long necklaces are your friend, they act as a deep V-neck.
    2.) Wear either long hair past your shoulders or roll it up in a high bun.  The latter style on only makes you seem taller but also visually lengthens your body.  Generally, hair that sits right at the shoulders aren't so good.
    3.) Tops with gathers right underneath the breast are quite flattering because if you have small bust (like me *sigh*), it gives the illusion of boobage ;) and draws your eyes away from your shoulders. (*grrr* it sucks have wide shoulders and ribs yet a flat bust...such a cruel irony :\)
    4.) Skirts that flare out balance the shoulders.
    5.) Bad posture makes broad shoulders seem huge, not shapely, so stand up straight!
    6.) There is one thing that I honestly think will never work with broad shoulders: Cap sleeves :P
    7.) Explore the men's section!  Men's shirts are cut to "work with" broad shoulders and make them structured and dramatic, not huge.  Many of my favorite dress shirts and hoodies are from the men's section.
    8.)  Fyi I'm hardly an authority on how to dress :} and as you can see my style can pretty much be summed up as simple and generally uncomplicated with minimal (or no) jewelry.  I'm all about complete wear-ability and comfort ;) (sans the heels, I have a weakness for those). Fashion is secondary to fit I think.  I'd say I'm a believer of "whatever looks good on YOU is the most fashionable thing to wear."  Basically, if you look good, your clothes will just look fashionable.....and this is my fashion philosophy in a nutshell. 

    Love your shoulders and make them work for you not against you :)

    And yes...for those curious, I am (was) a competitive swimmer for 10 years ;) My favorite stroke was bfly. I hope these helped :) Let me know if you have any questions!

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