Moto Jewelry Peacocked Earrings

    Finally....the long-delayed continuation from the Lemon Cheesecake earrings post :P  I actually had this post done for ages but I just got around to posting it now, which is why my hair is so much curlier ^_^

    This is one of my favorite earrings~ It is made with rhodium and Swarovski crystals, the heart in Vitrial Medium (I think).When I first saw these on Moto Jewelry, I knew I had to have them because I liked them so much. And this is combined with my usual reluctance to buy any Swarovksi jewelry with a "foiled" backing because it is very prone to scratches and nicks, even more so than the crystal itself.   When the foiled backing is scratched it shows through the crystal itself so that even when the crystal itself is perfect, it will look like it is all scratched up.

    LT: from Moto Jewelry RT: My crap-macro photo ><
    Buuuuttt....the color combo was just too tempting. LOVE the blue bicones playing off the yellow and greens, it's just so...peacock-y ^_^  And the just reflects so many colors and in the sun little specks of light bounce off the walls!   The earrings arrived in perfect condition with no scratches etc. I don't have much to say about this otherwise other than...I just really, really love these.

    The ends of my braids have gone insane. pretty. The crystal reflects shades of orange, green, yellow, blue, and red so I like to pair it with pastel and/or basic colors to play up the rainbow colors.  At first I thought of these as "glamorous" earrings that should be worn with a LBD or something but it's remarkably versatile. I have no complaints about these, no beads coming off, no tarnishing etc.  So yeah, these earrings = love ^_^!

    Closing with some SNSD-Genie-ish salutes :}

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