Review: SkinFood Products, Part 2 of 2

    Ehhe missing a bunch of items ^^ Threw out the packaging before I could get a group shot :}
    Part 2 of the Skinfood review!  Believe it or not I actually have even more Skinfood stuff to review ^_^

    Skinfood Product Reviews, Part 2 of 2
    1.) Carrot Sun Cream
    2.) Honey Black Tea Jelly Foam
    3.) Rice Mask Wash Off ***recommended***
    4.) Orange & Mint Body Wash
    5.) Hop Beer Hair Wash
    6.) Lychee Essence Mist
    7.) Moisture Egg Hair Pack ***recommended***

    In-Depth Reviews + Pics
    1.) Carrot Sun Cream

    Very sunscreen-y smell :P The entire Carrot line in Skinfood is unscented and that's probably why it's not particularly popular xD I dunno, it's really just a regular sunscreen, not much to say.

    It's a slight off-white. It does absorb pretty quickly leaves a bit of a shine on your face that you could argue as either greasy or dewy.  I didn't try topping makeup on it but considering the greasiness it leaves behind, I dunno how well makeup would stick to it.  I feel like it would cake :P

    2.) Honey Black Tea Jelly Foam

    I really hated the smell and look of this foam.  It does foam very well but lord knows the herbal smell is hard to ignore.  Plus it feels very drying and I am a very oily skinned person; this is really odd considering it's supposed to have honey (a moisturizer) in it.

    Doesn't it look awful :(?  Actually the Hop Beer Hair Wash looks just like this too...and both smell weirdly herbal....  I almost have nothing good to say about this except that it foams well.

    3.) Rice Mask Wash Off 

    This is very nice indeed, moisturizing, wonderfully scented and gentle even though it's an exfoliater. Very recommended.

    See the little granules of rice?
    FYI(s) the actual product comes in a tub, which I find a little unhygienic since you have to dip your hands into the tub to get out the mask.   It's a pretty good sized tub too so you probably won't be able to finish for at least a few months and you definitely don't want bacteria festering in there in the meantime.  I'd say make sure you scoop this stuff out with a spoon if you buy the actual product, maybe even refrigerate it.

    Also you're supposed to put this on a clean DRY face.  I once just used this in the shower and the exfoliating and moisturizing affect is lessened if you don't use it on a dry face; why that is beats me.  After you wash you face, put the mask on and massage gently.  When you first put on the mask, it should be all white and goop-y.  After a couple minutes of massaging, the grains should still be on your face but the white cream/gel part should be gone and your face should like a bit "greasy."  Then rinse and you will see how moisturized your face is :) You can find this for a reasonable price all over the internet (ranges $11-15 USD), so it's not pricey considering how many uses you get out of it.  I don't recommend this for those looking for heavy exfoliation.

    4.) Orange & Mint Body Wash

    Very, very strong mint scent with a hint of orange.  I find it a pretty nice smell, refreshing and zesty but it might be too strong for some.  It's definitely a "summer" body wash considering the fragrance and the slight drying quality.

    Looks like a typical body wash, a gel with a faint orange tinge.  Nothing special really but nice as a sample.

    5.) Hop Beer Hair Wash

    Again, the herbal fragrance was off-putting but it wasn't nearly as bad as the Jelly Foam. Faint and quite bearable.  But the smell just sticks to your hair though even if you follow up with another shampoo.  Can't say much about the cleansing strength because I have so much hair (hence only got to used it once) and this didn't foam very much. 

    6.) Lychee Essence Mist

    Not too bad and it does work if you use it very generously.  But then again, I have a lot of hair.  I read reviews about people saying they like how light this is and how it leaves no residue.  This is true, this leaves no greasy residue or shine and absorbs very quickly.  So this may very well be an excellent product for someone who has less hair then me.  For people with thick hair though, this is way too light. Once I finish this I look forward to trying the DHC Hair Lotion.  Also the scent is most definitely not lychee (smells like any other hair spray).

    7.) Moisture Egg Hair Pack

    I like~ I've been trying to pinpoint what the fragrance is exactly -- it reminded me of egg but yet...not egg. Then someone said custard!  And that's exactly right :D this smells like custard.  It's sweet without being cloying and it definitely works.

    Tip: You must squeeze the water out of your hair before you put on the Hair Pack, otherwise it won't work nearly as well.  I made this mistake the first time: I just put it in my hair like a regular conditioner without wringing out my hair.  I didn't think it worked.  The next time I squeezed the excess water out of my hair, lathered the hair mask into my hair then rolled my hair into a bun so it wouldn't get wet while I scrubbed.  It worked much better :)

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