Review: G&G GBT Grey Circle Lens

    So here is my first stab at reviewing circle lens - my G&G GBT Grey lens from Pinky Paradise, which I posted about a few days ago.  PP's description claims that it gives you an "obvious color effect" and I quite agree :)

    Diameter : 14.0mm
    Water Content : 38%
    Base Curve : 8.6mm

    My experience with GEO  and EOS left me resigned that I'll never really be able to "change" my eye color because my irises are so dark (almost black). All the lens I tried before this one gave me only the mildest of color changes in the brightest sun....then I saw Noxin's G&G lens reviews. I was so surprised by how vibrant the colors were on her so I gave G&Gs a shot.  I AM SO HAPPY I DID.  Fyi, I was not looking for something with a lot of enlargement, just a massive color change but at 14mm this lens is  the typical diameter for circle lens so you will get some enlarging effect regardless.

    Starting with the Before & Afters...

    Top: No flash. Bottom: Flash.
    Yeahhhh, nice color change yeah?! The grey is practically opaque, which is something I never got with Geo Nudys and totally unexpected for a light color.   Admittedly, these lens are more blue-grey in my eyes rather than a straight grey but it's still pretty no :)?

    Even without the obvious limbal ring, these lens have a subtle enlarging effect.  I really dig the pattern on these lens - I think the jagged outer edge in a dark grey is just a great way to subtly enlarge your eyes without having a massive black line around your iris.  And just so you know, I hate really thick black limbal rings that are just drawn as a line without any attempt at blending.  I think they look very fake (ironic as I stick grey/purple/green lens in my eyes yeah xD?) and kind of ugly actually since the halo is just so stark.  Anyway, this kind of limbal ring is perfect for me. You do get a faint halo sometimes when you look up with these lens as well but it shows as a gradient so it's not obvious.  This anti-halo stance is more of my personal preference though :P so it's not really a "bad" thing per se.

    One nitpick I do have though is that the blending in the middle of the lens (the inner circle) is not subtle at all - it's just gray then suddenly black in the middle of my eye ^_^ I hope that makes sense.... But in their defense I think if these lens had a gradient/tried to blend the gray with my natural eye color, the overall color effect wouldn't be as vibrant.  In any case, I think the delicate sunburst pattern is still pretty natural and really pretty.

    Like I said in the vid, these lens are really comfortable.   They definitely are thicker than EOS lens and you can feel them in your eye every once in awhile but it's not uncomfortable, if that makes any sense.  It's like being aware you have a hairclip in your hair...or something like that.  I haven't worn these longer than 8 hours at a time (any more than that is risky anyway) and they haven't given me trouble.  I don't use eyedrops either (actually I never use them, if lens are uncomfy I just never wear them again) so I think that speaks for how wearable they are.

    The last thing I really like is how the lens show up "naturally" in real life, it looks dreamy and as my brother says, "like I'm about to cry" xD It also just looks friggin gorgeous on camera with flash. 

    No flash/Natural lighting:

    This was my Friday night look ^_^
    I wouldn't say these lens are subtle because the color is pretty eye catching and I think I hit all the main points in my video so I'll just do a quick summary now:

    Pattern: 4.5/5
    Enlarging: 2/5
    Color Change: 5/5
    Comfort: 4/5
    Visibility: 5/5
    Buy Again? YES

    As kind of a teaser...the G&G Violets are GORGEOUS too - actually the Vi's are my favorite from my haul :D  I am totally addicted to G&Gs now, I want to the Blue and Brown ones too now ^_^  I really recommend the G&G GBT lens for people with dark eyes looking for a nice vibrant color change.

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