Happy Halloween! + Preview~

    I thought this pumpkin was so cool - it was on PostSecret (the first thing I check on Sunday mornings)~ Also check out this yummy looking Halloween Oreo Pumpkin Cheesecakes at Tasty Kitchen.

    Lastly, I was not able to get my last (and actual) Halloween look in time (nooooooooo) but here's a teaserrrrr!!!!

    Yeah, that's me. Photoshopped into a screenshot of Alice 2. With a (real) butcher knife....or should I say Vorpal blade ;) YEAH.

    I had so so so much fun doing this.  Love the game, love the dark version of Alice...so I got really into character and just went crazy with pictures (in case you couldn't tell ehhe)   So, yeah :)  I'll get the actual makeup tutorial for this look sometime Sunday night-ish?  I just need to finish editing the vid and watermarking pictures. And probably taking more pictures because I have to put everything back on again this evening for Halloween.

    Have a wonderful, safe and
    Happy Halloween!

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