Trend Predictions: Spring/Summer 2011

    One of my favorite ways of bargain shopping is figuring out what the major trends for the following year will be then spending a whole year keeping an eye out for soon-to-be trendy stuff that I can buy before it becomes expensive.  Not to mention out-of-season clothes/colors are always marked down significantly :} So~ of course I was excited to see Sephora's Top Spring/Summer 2011 Trends from Our Favorite Beauty Editors post!  My own commentary is in blue.

    Spring/Summer 2011 Trend Predictions
    Makeup Trends

    - Reddish eyelids
    Uh what?  This will interesting to work with and I do like their example picture: a soft red with bronze touches and nude lips.

    - Orange-red lipstick
    Not a fan of this color, I look horrid in anything with an orange flash and I swear orange-under tints make teeth look yellow.

    - Hot pink lipstick
    Interesting and I actually do agree that this color works with just about any skin tone. It's a little Barbie-esque for my taste but I adore pink lipsticks so I may give this a try.

    - Matte lipstick
    Even Sephora's article mentions how it will be hard for the younger crowd to work this finish. I definitely prefer creamy or glossy finishes and I think matte lipsticks age a face... Nonetheless, I suppose it'll look nice with smoky eyes. The thing is though, this really looks more like a winter look than a spring/summer one.

    - Flawless skin with a dewy finish/radiant complexion
    This is a pet peeve of mine because...uhm...when has great skin not been in? Flawless skin is ALWAYS in :\  But as for the dewy finish, I am all for that.  It's my favorite kind of finish and I happen to think highlighting is one of the most under-rated steps in makeup application so I totally dig this :D

    Hair Trends

    - High-set buns/updos
    Love. Mostly because my hair is pretty much always in a bun (contrary to my vids eheh).

    - Dyed hair
    I'll pass, especially seeing the way they think the color should be applied. 

    - Pinstraight long hair with blunt bangs
    I  am really liking this sleek look but for someone with ridiculously wavy, thick hair, I think this hair would be pretty high maintenance, especially at that length.  I think I shall get my bangs cut like this though, looks very chic to me~

    - Loose locks
    Another pet peeve....cuz when have bedroom hair/loose locks not been in?  It's timeless.  They literally mention this every year >_> Plus doesn't this kinda contradict the whole "high-set bun" trend?  Given braids and bob cuts have really made a comeback lately but I think the most fashionable cut is ultimately, just one that looks good on you.

    - Longer, soft edged bob cuts
    They mention flipped out ends and I always think that's charming. I'm seriously considering chopping off my hair and I think a cut just below the shoulders with flipped out ends might be really cute.

    Keeping up with makeup and hair trends is a little new to me but I've been a long stalker of Fashionising (love how they include example pics AND Men's fashion) and keeping tabs on New York Fashion Week (was back in September).  NYFW is pretty much the most reliable indicator of upcoming trends basically 6 months to a year in advance *w00t* and here's a quick summer of what I think will be the 'in' for spring/summer.

    Women Clothes Trends
    Spring is that perfect season we all wait for impatiently. As for spring/summer 2011 fashion season, it seems this will come with a whole new feeling of optimism, colors, romantism, and flirty, cheerful fashion trends.  - Fashion-Style

    - Biker style (aka motorcycle jackets, quilting, leather, studs, leather pants, buckle detailing etc)
    Hmmm...I heard that motorcycle jackets will be in again in 2012 too...maybe I should invest....

    - Sheer Maxi dress
    The example they used here looks awful to me :\ and I'm not a big fan of sheers nor maxi dresses.  It certainly does look comfy for summer though.

    - Lace
    Hmm...I have yet to jump on the lace bandwagon.  I tend to feel that most lace tops look like doilies and lace is just one of those things I feel are either totally 'in' or 'out' aka it's not timeless or classic.  I swear just yesterday lace was associated with grandmothers and tea cozies. Nonetheless, I really like it when lace is incorporated into clothes in non-ruffled ways - like when the back of a shirt is cut out and replaced with a just lace - sexy! Lace skirts are also very pretty.

    - Cat-eye/retro sunglasses
    Mmm, I rarely buy into sunglasses trends and the cat-eye shape is very much not my style.

    - 60s
    Sheath dress = love.  Totally and utterly classic and ladylike. Also with the emphasis on curves, there are lots of full skirts coming out, which are super flattering on girls who are top heavy like myself :)

    - 70s boho chic
    Aka thigh highs (yes!), high-waisted pants (yah!), and chunky, exotic jewelry (yah!).  I like all this stuff as this happens to be the style of dressing I really like...I'm all about extending the leg line :}  It took me awhile to get used to all the chunky, big jewelry but nowadays I'm really liking the large pearl twisted necklaces and cluster rings~

    - Tassels
    ....seems fussy looking, I prolly won't be buying into this trend xD but then again, I said that about studded clothing.

    - Clogs
    To me, clogs are uncomfortably winter-y since they are close-toed (my feet sweat a lot eheh), yet summer-y because you can't wear a backless shoe in the snow.  It's confusing.

    - White tights/leggings
    Only for the twiggy legged or the 8 & Under girls...:\ Especially on camera. Seems a little much to wear tights when when it's warm outside too.

    - Kitten heels
    Hmm, I'm biased but I like my heels to be heels - aka no lower than 3 inches.   If I don't want heels, I'll wear sneakers or flip-flops. Also I find high heels more comfortable because I have a very arched foot :P Flats kill me, I feel so...flat-footed and they have even less padding on the sole than heels.  Same for kitten heels, the way kitten heels are are shaped are really unstable and uncomfortable for me.

    But honestly, high~ heels have been in for awhile so I'm not surprised kitten heels are making a comeback.  Women can take tottering around on stilettos only so long xD and they are a decent alternative to flats, which I think are downright unflattering on anyone who doesn't have very skinny legs. 

    Key Street Trend

    Interfiliere, a fashion industry body dedicated to lingerie and beachwear correctly peg Spring 2011's fashion trends as....'lingerie as outerwear' or loungerie, a mixture between lingerie, swimwear and streetwear (which they group as loungewear), and lingerie. The new Loungerie takes a leaf out of, and gets the best of, lingerie for an alternative, parallel wardrobe; [one that is] light, intimate, and impossible to "classify." Well, I guess that means more floaty, lacy, chiffon-y clothes made out of silky polyester.....

    Another roundabout way I like to buy fashionable stuffs in advance is to know what colors will be 'in' next season. The best place to get a compilation of all the hottest colors of the upcoming season is definitely Fashion Trendsetter.  This is honestly one the best ways to get fashionable clothes before prices go up imho.  Not to mention if you know what color palette is going to be 'in' for the season, you can play around with colors and not be restricted so much by specific items of clothing.

    Anyway, the Pantone Fashion Color Report, is one of the places that track which colors will be in for the season.  They make lovely palettes and put together outfit examples for each color which makes it one of my favorite websites to go to.

    Color Trends

    Basically, we're seeing lots of yellows, shades of blue, oranges and unusual light greens.  I'm reminded of a pastel peacock when I look at these colors. I love that the Pantone Fashion Color Report also includes sketches of clothes that have been dominating runways and will likely be hitting the racks next season.  I'm super excited with the oranges, wistful blues and greens and bright yellows.  Reportedly, these colors were inspired by "overseas travel" and I can totally see it - gorgeous sunsets, endless oceans and tropical flowers.

    Lenzing, a textile company, also regularly puts out a color report; as you can see it closely relates to the PFCR, no surprise really. 

    Anyway, I hope this helps you all get a head start on shopping for Spring/Summer 2011 ^_^!

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