Rock n Republic Restocks Again!

    I feel like I've typed the words "Rock n Republic" 200x in the past few weeks O_x Anyway, blushes restocked! Thanks to Charming Vanity who tipped me off~

    Promo code ROCKCOSMETICS was still working when I last checked too and .99 shipping is still available (as usual).  Lots of juicy blush colors are available :D Tease, Foreplay, Bedroom, Lust, Tease, X-rated etc.  Of course, as usual Call Me is OOS but it's all good :)  Also the R&R lip glosses were just re-stocked too (Accidental Beauty did a couple nice looking swatches) and I've heard great things about 'em so go check those out too.  I haven't tried the glosses myself but it's on my list to purchase when I am no longer broke ;)

    And of course, here's my breakdown on getting blushes for $8. Otherwise, FRIDAY TOMORROW :D!

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