Stila + Cherry Culture Sale and Rave

    Hey peeps, I'm sure you guys have noticed by now I'm a sale-stalker -_- eheh Neway, this is part Sale alert part Cherry Culture = amazing customer service rave. But first things first (though I already twittered these):

    TODAY ONLY (10/28/2010) Stila is having a FREE shipping w/ NO MINIMUM (it's usually a $50+ minimum for free shipping)! Use code holiday10.

    And remember I was talking about the 10% Moving Sale Cherry Culture was having from Oct 21-26?  Well, now they're having another (better) sale:

    This offer popped up the day after I placed my order on the Oct 26 and with the Moving Sale coupon I saved $5.10.  But as you guys prolly guessed, I was so dismayed to see a 20% sale so soon and being the cheapstake I am - I called and (shamelessly) asked if I could just get a refund since they were still 'Processing' my order (aka it hadn't shipped out yet, prolly b/c they're still in the midst of moving).  I plotted that if it worked I could sneakily repurchase and save another $5 *sigh* I'm so ridiculous but it didn't stop me from trying >_> But really, I didn't expect anything to come out of it (and if if nothing did, I would've been fine and still love CC) but I was bit curious how they'd respond.

    I dunno if they are just used to dealing with cheapstakes like me or what but they just:
    1.) said they were so sorry for the delay in shipping
    2.) no, I can't get a refund since I confirmed the order
    3.) but for the inconvenience they would apply another 10% off my order "to match the current promotion."  How did they read my mind like that O_O!?

    Then they promptly refunded $5.10 as Store Credit into my account minutes later.   I actually felt bad because they didn't need to apologize for delayed shipping because they said it would be delayed ahead of time.  Furthermore, they actually refunded me more than necessary: If I bought everything with the 20% Halloween discount, I'd save $10.19.  But not only did I save $5.10, they refunded me $5.10 = $10.20.  Given, it's only 1 cent, but I appreciate that they prefer to be the generous side rather than stingy.  Needless to say, I am just completely won over....  And for those who want a peek at my order:

    Yes, I got a Beauty Blender!  When I think about how many Single eyeshadows and Round Lipsticks that could've been, I kinda cringe but I couldn't resist the temptation to try it out.  Plus it's either that, buy a stippling brush or forever have slightly splotchy blush.  Fyi, this would be a good time to snag the Beauty Blender if you want to try it: $19.99 is the lowest retail price you're going to see for this product and if you spend $40+ to get free shipping and apply the 10% off ---- As you can see in my receipt, I got it for $17.95 (actually, even less than $17.95 b/c that receipt is just with the 10% off) wheeeeeee~

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