Julu Jewelry Blue Crystal Flower Studs + Candy

    I was supa excited a couple weeks ago because I actually won a giveaway (thanks Stephanie)!  It was for a really cute pair of Swarovksi Flower Crystal Studs from Julu Jewelry. She also has a beauty blog if you want to check that out too :D~

    As most of you guys prolly know by now, I'm addicted to Swarovski jewelry (earrings particularly, I hoard earrings like a squirrel hoards nuts before winter). Unfortunately, I have a penchant for dangle-y earrings that are unwearable to anything short of masquerade balls xD so I was thrilled to be able to add a more wearable pair to my collection.

    Everything came nicely packaged (the Little Mermaid sticker made me smile) and the blue box + brown ribbon reminded me of Tiffany's.  And yessss this is part candy review ;)

    Top: Flash. Bottom: No flash. 

    Aren't they beautiful? I love the intricate cuts and facets.  I'm really happy these studs came with the sterling silver wing backings b/c I hate the plastic/rubber backings. The interesting thing about these studs is that the crystal flowers are actual stones (aka no holes), not a bead or something.  In other words, there is no wire going through the stone to mess up the clarity and shine.  I forgot to take a picture of the back of the earrings but they're opaque (coated with silver), so your natural skin color won't interfere with the crystal's color.

    Honestly, these are the best Swarovski studs I've come across because there are no holes in the crystal and the backing is opaque.  Swarovski stones are rarer and more expensive than Swarovksi beads/pendants and many jewelry artisans "cheat" by just gluing a pendent onto a post so that not only can you see hole but also the glue through the crystal -_- So watch out for that when looking around for Swarovksi studs.

    It's a good size for a stud, big and shiny enough to be seen but modest enough to worn everyday.  They're very comfortable and I haven't had any problems with bending, discoloration or irritation.

     I really must trim my bangs. And remember to stop using foundation w/ SPF in photos.
    For the makeup I used in this look click here.

    My pictures turned out really weird this time around, dunno but the poses are so off kilter :P I think it was because I wasn't sure if the earrings were showing up or not because it was the first time I was trying to model studs xD  But I do like how these came out with some sort of vintage feel to them.

    Overall, I actually wear these the most after my pearl studs and I think the Light Siam Reds would be perfect for Christmas too and the Clear one reminds me of snowflakes~

    These are chewy and have a rather delicate flavor, not too sweet. I really liked the flavors but they had an odd powdery coating, which was unusual but to me, a bit off-putting.  It goes away after a few chews (I'm a chronic candy-chewer, even hard candy).  I actually really liked the grape flavor! It had a sharp concord grape flavor (think jelly) and it was unique considered most Asian candies tend to go for the green muscat grape flavor.  The peach flavor was just..peachy :)

    Flavor-wise these little cubes were boring (just strawberry, lemon, pineapple...and some indescribable flavors) but they were so fun to eat!  I liked rolling these little cubes over my tongue (does that sound weird xD?)  Plus they're so cute :)

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