TAG: My Perfect Imperfections

    I saw this on Siwing's blog and decided to jump on the bandwagon ^^  It'll be a nice way to end the day *yawn* Basically (copied from Siwing)...

    We all have little "imperfections" or things that we don't like ourselves. Often times, we are the only ones who are really self-conscious about it, but those "imperfections" are what makes us unique.

    There's this tag going around on Youtube, started by AndreasChoice. It's such a fun tag, and since I don't make Youtube videos, I thought it'd be interesting to bring it to blogger ^_^

    Tag: List 3 imperfections that make you "you", and then list 3 things that you like about yourself.

    3 Imperfections
    1.) My two front teeth :( On some days I think they're unique but I mostly dislike them because *ahem* I can't close my mouth all the way unless I "try."  Basically, my natural mouth position is slightly open :\ which I think makes me look a little dumb.  Also b/c of this I've been told I look like a rabbit or chipmunk or (I quote) "a deranged squirrel" countless times *sigh*

    2.) My hair...it's lovely having long, lush hair but it is so goddamn uncooperative x_X  It's usually in a bun because having it down means hours of straightening and conditioning.  I'm naturally curly-haired and made the mistake of perming it and now it's basically a jungle.  Plus I shed a lot >< It's amazing I'm not bald yet.

    3.) My supa wide shoulders.  I used have shoulders 16.5in wide while I was still a competitive swimmer.  Thankfully, they've shrunk to a reasonable 14in now *whew* But I think what really annoys me is not the fact that I have just wide shoulders but that I also have a flat bust >_> so I'm constantly vacillating between wanting to make my upper body seem bigger or smaller.

    3 Loves
    1.) My legs ^^ I dunno if it's because I'm so disgruntled over my upper body but I'm overly fond of my legs xD  That probably explains my obsession with booty shorts and high heels~  They aren't particularly long but I think they are quite shapely....well, I think they are pretty teehee ^^;;

    I get my legs from my mom and dad who both (and I'm not exaggerating) have stellar legs to this day (and they're both 50+).  Actually, it's a little troubling to admit but they both have not just good legs but fantastic legs.   My dad's legs are long, perfectly shaped, completely hairless and lean.   Same with my mom, she may be 50+ but she's got perfectly smooth, milky white, hairless long legs that you'd think only exist on TV.   They BOTH have better legs than me actually b/c I'm *ahem* hairier and have little scars everywhere (maybe b/c all the full body shaves I did whilst swimming?).

    2.) My plumpy, pink lips.  Another gift from my dad ^^ Sometimes I feel like they overwhelm my face a little but I definitely think it's one of my defining traits :D  I look a lot like my dad actually, some of my dad's friends who have never met me recognize me at the supermarket sometimes because I just "look so much like my dad."  My brother has even better lips - legit Angelina Jolie lips...it's friggin hilarious xD

    3.) My face shape.  I dunno, I never thought much about it till HS but after I lost all my baby fat, the thing my relatives (my harshest critics, I swear....there is no stopping an ahjumma, a 40+ lady, when she has something to say) comment on the most (after my buck teeth xD) is how tiny and oval my face is.  ahah that's cuz I hide my football field of a forehead behind bangs yo ;)  but yes, it's nice to hear a compliment from an ancient aunt who likes to count the number of pimples on my face while I'm eating.

    I'd love to read everyone's responses to this tag so if you did one, please leave a link to your blog post or just leave your 3 imperfections & 3 loves in a comment below :D

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