miniReview: SkinFood Pineapple Peeling Gel + Pineapple Allergy?

    Update 11/24/2010
    Ok I lied - I'm not actually allergic to pinapples or the Skinfood Pinapple Peeling Gel at all.   I was reacting to the Philosophy Hope In A Jar moisturizer.  Read my full post about it here.

    Guess what? So I had a most unpleasant surprise last Friday - I found out that I'm allergic to pineapples. Interestingly, I can eat the raw fruit just fine, so how did I find out about this allergy?  Well, of the thousands of fruit-products out there I decided to try the Skinfood Pineapple Peeling Gel.

    A deep peeling gel with Pineapple Extracts that exfoliate the skin, thus enhancing skin turnover.

    It worked very well on my brother (he's my guinea pig wbahaha). He legit turned 2-3 shades lighter and his skin tone evened out a lot (and many reviews concur this is a nice buy).   So with high hopes I smeared this liberally on my face and because I love you all so much I shall reveal to you exactly how I spent my weekend:

    ....yes, that is my extremely resentful eye staring at you. And yes, even my tear ducts were swollen -___-   I'm afraid I don't have the cajones to put my entire miserable face up but I think you get the idea ;) So, basically I broke out with hives all over my face ~7-10 hrs later and itched like a madwomen for about 3-4 days.  I took nothing but Claritin (works better on me than Benadryl) and abstained from all makeup/lotions except a gentle cleanser for 4 days. I didn't scar at all but it was a trial for my patience since I couldn't scratch anything.

    Honestly, I'm not 100% sure if it's pineapple that caused this or something else in the Skinfood Peeling Gel.  Since I can still eat pineapples and I got hives just on my face, I am exploring the possibility that my allergy may be to some other ingredient.  I'm currently spot-testing myself (must be my lab rat side coming out) to narrow the possibilities.  Either way, this peel is most certainly not for me since I know it was the peel that caused it, pineapple or no.

    Anyway, the point of this post is that I read that people allergic to either mangoes, pineapples, or kiwis (all acidic fruits) tend to be allergic/sensitive to all three of these fruits.  I broke out in hives around my mouth in HS because I developed an allergy to mangoes (*sigh* I must have been asked if I had an STD 100x) so I guess I should not be surprised I've developed some kind of sensitivity to pineapples as well.  I love kiwis so I hope that I won't become allergic to that too >_>  Something that kind of supports my allergy theory (tho still unconfirmed) is that my brother is not allergic to mangoes and he took to this gel like a fish to water.

    To clarify, this isn't a review of the Skinfood Pineapple Peel, it's more of a warning to those allergic to mangoes, pineapples or kiwis to avoid this peel because you may not react well to it.  Otherwise, it's fairly cheap ($12 at YesAsia) and my brother and other people got a very good result from the gel; give it a wing if you wish~

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