Review: Revlon Brow Fantasy

    I picked this up a while ago from Walmart for $6.48.   It's the Revlon Brow Fantasy in Dark Brown 106, which supposedly "Colors, shapes and sets brows for a polished well groomed look all day." The packaging is decent though I think the cap over the pencil end tends to slide off too easily.  I do like how both ends are clear so you can see the actual color of the pencil and gel before you buy it.

    Step 1: Pencil in brow color with short, light strokes following the natural direction of brow hair growth. 
    Step 2: Brush gel through brows and let set.

    I'm pretty unfamiliar with brow products to be honest....I fancy myself as someone who has pretty thick brows to begin with ^^ so this is my first (and only) brow product.  I mostly got it because I was intrigued by the gel end.  I thought about getting Black but I figured Dark Brown would be best for an all around natural look - and I it turned out just fine :) So yeah, even if you have black hair, I'd say Dark Brown is the way to go.

    The pencil is soft without being "too soft" and glides on smoothly; it's nicely pigmented.  If you add too much it makes your brows a little waxy though (but this is more the fault of the person than the product I think).  I rarely use the pencil though because I don't want too much color.  It doesn't smudge as far as I know.

    My skin looks scary here ><

    I use the gel end a lot more than the pencil (which I only use for dramatic looks).  The gel is brown, not transparent, and basically you just comb it through your brows.  I find that it adds a nice, faint touch of color and builds up on the brows I already have - super natural.  Think of it as a mascara for your brows ^_^  Does not smudge.

    I really have no complaints about this product (except the pencil cap coming off too easily).  I have nothing to compare it to but it does what I want it to do.  I like how I can either gently build up my brows with the gel end or just draw in dramatically different brows with the pencil end.  Neither end smudges, both last all day and the product design is pretty sleek and portable - a nice 2 in 1.  I think this will last me awhile too so I don't think $7 is a bad price either.  So....despite my limited experience with brow stuff, I would recommend this product :)

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