RnR Contrived Pressed Blushes restocked~

    Wheee~ R&R blushes were re-stocked!   For a bit of info on how to snag these puppies for $8/each go here.    And yes, the 50% off code (ROCKCOSMETICS) is still a-workin!

    Note on Friend Invites: Just to clarify, while I would totally appreciate if you use my referral link/Friend Invite ($25 off your 1st purchase) you do not have to get a Friend Invite from me ^_^ you can get them from anyone who's ordered from the R&R website before.  So if you have a personal friend you know, you actually oughta get a a referral from them :)

    Anyway, lots of colors are available so grab 'em while they're there!

    Also, kind of random but --

    I saw this cracked egg in the trashcan and with a bit of marker...tada!

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