Zoya BOGO Sale - Ends Nov 5!

    I tweeted this yesterday but Zoya is having a great BOGO Sale, it ends in two days (Nov 5), so if you're looking to try a few polishes, now's the time!  Fyi, gunmetal grays and matte nail polishes are very vogue (mewhehe) for Fall right now and I have heard that Zoya is hands down the best place to get matte nail polishes.   Also they just have a gorgeous array of colors~

    You are limited to 5 polishes/purchase but you can make as many purchases as you like :D  I'm not really a nail polish person, I prefer my nails short and trim but I've been wanting to own a few colors since I literally don't own a single nail polish.  Shipping is $6.95.

    This doesn't show shipping, my total was $41.95.

    I am without question a total nail polish noob, so I was literally just picking colors that caught my eye. I tried to pick a nice spread of neutrals, unusual colors (orange!), and the famous Goldie and Trixie, which I heard apply like true silver and gold foil.  I also picked up a matte polish, Harlow, a deep plum color.  At first I thought 10 polishes were a lot but Zoya has so many tempting looking colors ^_^! I'm seriously hoping that nail polishes don't become an addiction...><

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