Review: NARS Orgasm Lust Lip and Cheek Set (Orgasm blush, Laguna bronzer and Super Orgasm lipgloss)

    This was my most anticipated product from my Sephora F&F Haul.  I have been on the hunt for a nice contouring color forever and have yet to find The One but I read a lot of rave reviews about the NARS Laguna bronzer.  So I was determined to try it as a contouring color when I saw the NARS mini-set.

    Everything came wrapped in black tissue paper in the red box (above).   My first impression of the duo was....damn this is small, it's barely the size of my palm.  Nonetheless, it's a great portable size.  The lipgloss packaging is nothing amazing but nothing to complain about either.  The blush/bronzer packaging is very simple and elegant - signature NARS.  But I did hear if you so much as get one dirty fingerprint on the black, faux leather-y? covering, it shows up like none other - not a big deal tho.  The duo also comes with a slip of clear plastic with NARS written on it, it's not printed on the mirror.   Overall, everything is a nice easy-to-carry size.

    Sorry for the terrible closeup :P but this is a pretty accurate look at the way the colors shimmer.  The blush is pink with a gold shimmer and the bronzer is a nice toasty brown with a gold shimmer.  Since I swiped it with my fingers, the colors look a lot more pigmented than they would be on your face.

    Orgasm Blush - peachy pink with a gold shimmer
    Laguna Bronzer - sheer light brown with a gold shimmer
    Super Orgasm Lipgloss - peachy pink with gold glitter

    These are accurate descriptions of the colors and they aren't particularly that pigmented (unlike the R&R blushes).  This is not a bad thing, especially with the bronzer since it's more natural looking to "build" a contour.

    Orgasm Blush
    It's not 'that' pigmented but there is minimal fallout and no streakiness at all.  It does last all day and I imagine this color would be flattering on many skin tones (which is probably why it's so hyped).   It's a very wearable, truly an everyday color even with the gold flecks.  I've been hearing a few complaints about the size of the gold flecks being too much for an everyday look - I'd semi-agree.  The gold flecks don't bother me as much as the general....typical-ness of the color.  I'm probably going to differ from a lot of people when I say this....but I honestly don't get the hype.  A full sized blush is $30 - I would take an R&R blush or even a NYX Mosaic blush over this any day. I mean yeah, it's a lovely delicate peach glow but I think you can find comparable colors for cheaper.

    Overall - It's a nice color but seriously, it's over-hyped.  Give it a try in-stores and buy it if it's just perfect on you but I hardly think this is worth $30.   Your money would be better spent on NYX and R&R blushes. I don't regret the opportunity I had to try it though.

    Laguna Bronzer
    Ahh...the whole reason behind this purchase.  It's a sheer, blendable color - EXCELLENT.  I think sheer-ness is good in a bronzer because it allows you to control how 'dark' you want to contour.  It is also quite flattering on my cool-toned face.  There is a slight gold shimmer; initially, I wanted a matte bronzer so it'd look more natural but this shimmer is subtle enough.   Actually I like the subtle shimmer now, since I think it adds a dimension to my face.  I'd venture to say only younger people can get away with shimmer-y contouring colors though (but don't quote me on that).  Also there is no streakiness and most importantly, it does not oxidize into orange on my face! *cough*Neutrogena*cough*  I wish the little rectangle was bigger, sometimes I accidentally pick up some of the blush color on my brush since the pans are so small :(  it's not a huge deal though since the blush isn't pigmented enough to interfere with the color too much.

    I think good contouring colors are much harder to find than good highlighters so I would certainly be willing to spend $30 for the full size.  I am very fond of how it's hard to add too much of this color since it's sheer - it's an important quality since contouring can be harder to apply properly and really make or break a look.  Again, since this is a sheer color I can also certainly see this being used as an actual bronzer - the gold shimmer would really add a nice sun-kissed glow to your face.

    Overall - I haven't used it long enough for it to be a HG item yet but it is indeed looking very promising!  If I still like this or haven't found anything better after I'm done with this duo, I will definitely get the full size, $30 or not.   I would recommend this for people looking for an easy to apply contouring color (or bronzer).

    No flash, no chapstick or base color.

    Super Orgasm Lipgloss
    A very nice portable size and comes with a doe foot applicator.  I wouldn't say it's the most unusual, un-dupable color around but it's a very flattering light pink.  Click to make the pic bigger and see the gold flecks.   This doesn't dry out my lips and it's decently moisturizing.  There is a slight plastic-y smell but it's very, very mild and has no taste (thankfully).  The only real downside I can think of is that this gloss is ever-so-slightly sticky.   I'm very picky about stickiness though so this may not bother some people.  It can be worn alone but it would make an excellent topper too.  You can't go wrong with this color (it's sheer enough to go with many face tones) and while I would never purchase the full size for $24, I'm very glad to have such nice everyday gloss to keep in my purse.

    Overall on the NARS Orgasm Lust Lip and Cheek Set
    I think $30 is worth spending to try out some of the most arguably popular colors in the NARS collection. I also like how everything is perfectly travel size.  I could live without the Orgasm blush - I wish this set was just all bronzer and the lip gloss.  The lip gloss is nice but I'd prolly never buy the full size, same with the Orgasm blush.  The NARS Laguna bronzer is probably the only thing I'd consider buying the full size of.  Overall, everything was nice quality and I don't regret this purchase at all.

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