A Slice of Cantaloupe Makeup Tutorial + The All Natural Face Brand Review

    I know I said I'd be dutiful about reviews but noooo....I could not resist this makeup tutorial! Cuz it reminds me of cantaloupes :D!

    Products Used:
    Revlon Colorstay in Buff 150 (Mara, I love this foundation :D)
    Boi-ing Concealor in Shade 2: Medium (this too is your fault ;) )
    Lioele Silky Highlighter BB Touch
    The All Natural Face eyeshadow in Mauve Shimmer*
    NYX Single Eyeshadow in Seafoam Green
    Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Pencil in Mildew
    Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Liner in Black
    R&R Contrived Blush in Foreplay
    NYX Round Lipstick in Pumpkin Pie
    And yes I forgot to put on mascara. Again. Which is why it's not among the Products Used.

    * Note: Even though this is called "mauve" shimmer, it's more of a pink-peach/orange with a silver and delicate lilac (mauve) glint - very subtle. 

    This is a good shot of the R&R blush in Foreplay.  For awhile Tease was my favorite but I think Foreplay is just so wearable. It gives me this really nice coral peachy glow.   Also the earrings I have on are one of my favorites. I got them from Zipia.net (making an account is free), my all time favorite Asian clothing online shop.  I so dig how the backing is basically a 2nd pair of earrings.  In other words, two of the chains are attached to the backing so you can pair them with studs to make new dangle-y earrings or use a different backing with the fronts so that it's less dramatic.

    I forgot to put on mascara as usual.

    I've been thinking of doing a whole series of looks based on various fruits.  Hmmm....either I'm insane or genius!!!! wheeeee~

    Review of The All Natural Face brand
    ehhe, I keep wanting to say "The Face Shop"

    Etsy Shop: etsy.com/shop/theallnaturalface
    Where to order eyeshadow samples (.35 each): theallnaturalface.com

    My only significant complaint is that I do not like the layout of the non-Etsy website AT ALL.  Some pictures and links are broken, there is no picture variety, only some of the colors are described in text, the layout is amateur and honestly...it's just all very unprofessional. It's a pity since they clearly are offering good products.  If you are not ordering eyeshadow samples, you definitely would be better off ordering from the Etsy store.  I also thought about saying that using a bag for loose shadows is a bit inconvenient but for .35 cents I myself can't think of a better way to send loose shadows and still keep prices down. Can't have everything for such a low price ^_^  The checkout process went smoothly though though on one step, I think it was about entering a 'Consultant ID' - I couldn't find the button to move on without a Consultant ID because the button was so small.

    I'm not doing swatches here because I'm going to do a separate post on them but I have Mauve Shimmer and Boysenberry Shimmer already (see below) and like I said in the video...so pretty~ Beautifully pigmented, silky smooth and the most subtle, delicate shimmer ever.  The reasonable price and "all-natural-ness" are just cherries on top.

     Aren't these just gorgeous?! Pic from TANF Etsy shop.

    I've only tried the eyeshadows but I also ordered a lip gloss so we'll see how that goes.  Crystal, the owner and maker of the TANF, also has excellent reviews (100% from 10,000+ reviews) on her Etsy store so that's quite promising.  Of course, after falling in love with the two colors I have, I ordered (a lot more)...28 things to be exact ><....

    But seriously, I got 27 colors (+ lipgloss) for $16.20 including S&H!  That's .45 each for all these luscious colors~  Actually I could have gotten them for even cheaper but I was stupid and didn't see the 20% off Holiday sale (GAHHHHH).  So I could've gotten this whole loot for $12.96!

    For everyday, I only wear a bit of black eyeliner, white pencil in the corners, and copper liner on my under eye if I'm feeling feisty.  This means that I really don't have an excuse to buy many bright colors (not that it stops me) since I usually want them only for certain non-work appropriate looks.  I'm not sure how much of a bargain this is if I calculate by ounce but I do know that I rarely use a color more than once and that I love unusual colors.   

    To tell the truth, NYX single eyeshadows are actually way~ too big for me.  I still get them because I like the color range but I'd rather have about half the amount of product they give ^_^  Ideally, I like buying small amounts of many bright colors and prefer working with loose shadows.  I don't mind the bags/transporting loose powders because I'm just fiddling around with them at home.  Since I'm not a makeup artist, it's just so nice to be able to be able to play with so many colors and not feel like I am "wasting" huge palettes of colors.   In the big picture, if you do choose to get the full sizes... the full sized shadows from TANF are $3.00 (5 grams) and the NYX single shadows are $3.99 (2.7 grams) - you literally get 2x the product for less!   Fyi, the full sized TANF shadows come in plastic jars with sifters.

    Also I am very tempted by the face washes right now; they remind of Skinfood because the all natural food ingredients :D  Plus they sound so yummy, "Strawberries & Cream, Peaches & Cream" etc. If I am blown away by the order I just placed, I may try these next.  TANF is known for mineral foundations but I'm pretty happy with my foundations, which is the only reason I don't plan on trying any, unfortunately.

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