How to get the UD Naked Palette for $41.98 on Ulta!

    The UD Naked palette is so IN-STOCK at Ulta!   As of 1/8/2011 12:51 AM, it's still in-stock.   This palette has definitely reached cult-status at the moment and is notoriously difficult to get, although, they were in-stock at Sephora recently (Sephora is OOS now) and being sold for ridiculously high prices on Amazon (seriously, the prices are ridiculous).

    So far, the ULTA deal is the best way to get the Naked palette cuz you can use the code 53131  (expires 1/29/2011) for free shipping off all purchases $25+ and if you go through E-bates if you're buying at Ulta, you get 5% cash back! When I got the Naked palette at Sephora, I actually had to purchase two things to get free shipping :P  Anyway, this is the best deal for the UD Naked Palette I've seen so far.

    How to get the UD Naked Palette for $41.98:
    1.) Click through E-bates (my referral link, if you don't mind ^_^). Make an account if you haven't already and find Ulta.  

    2.) Click on SHOP NOW - this allows to get 5% rebate on all your ULTA purchases, that's $2.02 in this case.

    3.) On the Ulta website, find the UD Naked Palette. Add as many as you want to the cart.

    4.) Type in 53131 during checkout to get Free Shipping.

    5.) All done ^_^! You got the UD Naked Palette for $41.98!  Make sure you go back to the E-bates website to set up for Cash Back method.  The easiest, most painless way is to get paid is use Direct Deposit via Paypal (which is what I did) :)

    Hurry, hurry and good luck :D!!!

    UPDATE: Ok, rats - I forgot they charge states tax.  But so does Sephora, so it's a good deal and you save the same amount regardless ^^;;  But technically should change the title of my blogpost.... 

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