NOTD: Zoya Ibiza + Nubar 2010 = Perfect New Year's Nails!

    Reminds me of the Rainbow Fish ^_^!
    1 coat Zoya Ibiza <-- be sure to check out Zoya's 3 Free Polishes Sale
    2 coats Nubar 2010
    1 coat Seche Vite Top Coat first NOTD ^^  I am without question a total nail polish noob.  Nail polish is very recent interest of mine - as in, I bought my first 'real' nail polish (aka not costume polish that chips in a day) sometime November at Zoya's BOGO Sale.  I wasn't crazy about Zoya Ibiza when I first tried it.  It's a deep blue, almost black nail polish with a very, very subtle shimmer.   A bit boring I thought, so I put it aside for awhile.

    I was also one of the people that totally missed out on Sally Hansen Hidden Treasures nail polish. It was a notoriously difficult polish to get ahold of and Limited Edition to boot, so I never got it.  I remember on Ebay, these polishes were going for $25+ a bottle, it was ridiculous.  Anyway, a perfect dupe of the famous Sally Hansen Hidden Treasures has emerged in the form of Nubar 2010, Nubar's 10th Anniversary special edition nail polish!  Karla Sugar and Scrangie have done excellent comparison swatches of both, but I have posted one pic from Scrangie for your convenience:

    Index: One coat of Nubar 2010
    Middle: One Coat of Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure
    Ring: Two coats of Nubar 2010
    Pinkie: Two coats of Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure
    (All over one coat of Wet n Wild Black, no topcoat, no basecoat.)
    Both reviewers claim that price, quality and application are all generally same between both :) and they both certainly look identical so that's all good.

    I am so thrilled with Nubar 2010, it's a definite dupe of SH Hidden Treasures and for the 4-5 days I've been wearing the nails above, I haven't experienced any chipping.  I think the Nubar 2010 looks best over a dark polish and the deep navy hue of Ibiza adds a beautiful dimension to the iridescence of Nubar 2010 instead of just a solid black :D  It's the perfect New Year's Day look because it reminds me of fireworks in the night sky!

    And for peeps who are enchanted by the Nubar 2010 as I am - I will be holding a giveaway that includes a new bottle of Nubar 2010 soon so stay tuned ^_^ wheeee~

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