Review: More Boscia, CO Bigelow, & Revlon

    Ahh, I got so lazy after New Years (oh no!), so it took me few days to get up off my butt and finish editing this video.  It's got a lot more text in it than usual O_o or maybe that's just me...

    Boscia Luminizing Black Mask

    Definitely by far my personal favorite and the most asked-about product I've mentioned so far :D

    Purchased: $34 @ Sephora & Bosica
    This jet black, mineral-rich peel-off mask delivers powerful detoxifying, purifying, and brightening results as it exfoliates skin and refines pores. Dead skin, impurities and excess oil are stripped away along with the dried mask for immediate and visible results.

    Benefits include:
    • Dramatic improvement in skin's clarity and radiance. Skin is brighter and smoother.
    • Impurities, bacteria and excess oil are drawn out.
    • Powerful antioxidants to prevent free-radical damage, such as lines, wrinkles, dryness and dullness.
    • Reduced skin roughness and minimized lines and wrinkles, resulting in younger-looking skin.
    I previously mentioned in my December Favorites video that I like how this removes white/blackheads while several reviewers have specifically said that this does not remove blackheads. So, I would like to clarify:
    1.) This mask will NOT remove blackheads if you just use it after simply washing your face. 
    2.) To reduce blackheads with this mask takes 2-3 rounds AND you must steam your face beforehand each time.  Aka it's a labor-intensive process but it has worked very well to reduce the blackheads not just on my nose, but also on my cheeks.  Keep in mind you can't expect miracles - you need to do this 1-2x a week for a month to legitimately see blackhead reduction.  For me, it was well worth it.  Especially since this mask is quite expensive, I wanted to get the most benefit out of it as I could.
    - Really effective whether or not you steam your face.
    - Definitely luminizing and helps skin turnover.
    - Seems harsh yet had NO breakouts.
    - Saw definite immediate and long term improvements.  Scar lightening (after 3-4 uses) and fantastic improvement in skin texture and tone right away.
    - Saw white/blackhead reduction after 2-3 uses.

    - Pricey at $34.
    - Must use a lot of product at once.
    - Can't put this over inflamed acne and open lesions.
    - Quite drying without moisturizing.

    Here is the process I follow each time I use this mask. The simpler version was in the video, this is a more in depth step-by-step.

    How I Use the Boscia Luminzing Black Mask:
    1.) Boil water. I use an automatic tea kettle ^_^ Have a bowl with a small, clean washcloth ready.

    2.) When water is boiled, pour the boiling water into the bowl with the washcloth in it. Let the washcloth sit in the boiling water for 5-10 minutes.  This will help sanitize the washcloth further, besides it'll be too hot for your face.

    3.) During those 5-10 minutes you are waiting for the water to cool, put a damp towel (it'll hold the heat/steam in better) over your head and steam your face.  It'll be bit hard to breathe and you should be sweating inside a minute.

    4.) When the water is cool enough for you to hold the washcloth, it's time to massage your face.  The water should still be steaming and kind of hurt (not BURN) your fingers when you are holding it.  Pinching the hot washcloth in your fingers, gently place it on your face. I like to just lay the hot cloth on my face and press gently.  I do this until the water is just lukewarm.  Do not scrub, DAB the cloth on your face.  Hot water helps kill bacteria and "opens" your pores.

    FYI: Pores do not open/close like stoma on a plant :P It's a common misconception, but what steaming/using a hot cloth does is soften the dirt in the pore so that it comes out easier.

    6.) Apply the Boscia Black Mask right away.  Avoid your eyebrows and make sure your hair is pulled back. This thing will yank out any hairs you get it on so be careful :P   You need to apply a thick layer so that you can peel it off all in one sheet ^_^

    7.) Wait till mask dries completely, which takes 20-30 minutes.  The edges will dry first and the cheek areas will dry last.

    8.) When the mask is completely dry, pick at the edges and peelllllll~!

    Look at all those white heads and skin flakes O_O!

    9.) Your face is going to be pink afterwards.  Use toner to take off the last bits of the black mask.  Stubborn bits may have to be rinsed off.  Then apply serum, essence etc. The only truly critical step is - you must apply moisturizer especially if it's winter.  Just blob on the moisturizer to be on the safe side.  Now you're done!

    So, yeah. Like I said, it's a pretty intensive process.  As they pain, no beauty :\  After 2-3 rounds aka 2-3 weeks though, you should start seeing definite, long term improvements in the pore/blackhead department, maybe in even scar lightening.   If you're someone who touches your face a lot though - that's a habit you're going to have to break before you want to see any long term improvement.  

    CO Bigelow Mentha Lipgloss

    Purchased: $7.50 @ Bath & Body Works
    Our mint-infused lip balm provides a glossy high shine with a refreshing cooling sensation.  Lips stay moist and protected while peppermint oil gives breath a long-lasting freshness.
    - High shine.
    - Lovely minty scent and flavor.
    - Breath freshening.
    - Nice tingling sensation.

    - Slightly sticky.
    - No staying power.
    - SLIPS OFF MY LIPS :P and makes it look like I'm drooling...

    Apparently this is America's #1 selling lipgloss. But all I have to say is....not for me.  It slips off my lips and makes it look like I'm drooling :P  The shininess is nice but it looks even more "drool-like" when it's not on your lips.   The extreme minty-ness is excellent (I love peppermint) and does disguise bad breath for like....five minutes, but overall, it ain't worth it because it doesn't stay on my lips at all. Plus it's definitely sticky, something I hate in lip products.  I think it's kind of a hyped item honestly, surely there are other high-shine, minty glosses out there.... 

    Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation in Buff 150

    Purchased: $10-12 @ Walmart/other drugstores
    Specially formulated for combination or oily skin, this oil-free formula helps control shine all day and gives you flawless looking skin. Makeup looks fresh and feels great for up to 16 hours thanks to the lightweight, comfortable feel from the SoftFlex ColorStay™ formula.   20 colors available.
    - Decent price for a "photogenic" foundation.
    - Doesn't oxidize too badly.
    - Nice silky application. Blends well.
    - Dewey finish.
    - Smells alright.
    - Wide color selection (20 colors).
    - Medium-full coverage.
    - Buildable.
    - Lasts a respectable 7-9 hours.

    - Prone to caking.
    - It starts off as a dewy finish but on some days I get an oil slick on my face :P  Lack of oil-control is what it is I guess.
    - Weak product design, sometimes foundation just POURS out of the bottle.

    Not much to say about this beyond what I said in the video.  I don't use this very often because I use BBcream daily (all are SPF 30+), so I only use this when I want to take pictures since it only has SPF 6.  In other words, this is my "camera-friendly" foundation.  I mainly use this because it has a subtle dewy finish without making me look oily on camera, has good coverage, low SPF, and is decently priced.  I don't recommend this for people why want a "daily-wear" foundation since it has no SPF. But for for those looking for a camera-ready foundation, this would be a good option since there are a ton of colors to pick from and won't oxidize while you're taking pics :)

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