Review: Rimmel Airy Fairy lipstick

    Or officially, the Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick, 070 Airy Fairy.   Honestly, my lips (or rather, my skin tone) are so weird sometimes.  Rimmel's Airy Fairy is one of the most raved about lipsticks - it's supposedly one of the most universally flattering lipcolors out there and with a lot of Asians standing behind it (I say this as in: since they're Asian and I'm Asian, I assume colors they like will probably be flattering on me too), I finally went out and bought it.  Unfortunately, it's one of the most unflattering lipcolors I've had the misfortune to try.  It ranks right up there with NYX Thalia and NYX Rea in terms of hideous-ness on me :\ I didn't swatch it on my lips (forgot) but as you can see on my hand, somehow the muted coral pink turns a bruised blue-purple on my skin -_-    

    Pigmentation: Pretty good.  Buildable too.
    Long-lasting? Not really. Won't last a meal, lasts 3-4 hours alone.
    Finish: A slight creamy finish.  Nice, modest shine.
    Texture: Creamy and smooth. Applies evenly.
    Scent: A mild artificial candy scent. Not bad as drugstore lipsticks go, quite tolerable.
    Taste: Yuck. Tastes like plastic.
    Packaging: I'm not crazy about the crown embedded in the cap, but overall it looks modest and practical.   Sturdy enough.
    Cost: $5-6 @ Walmart.
    Overall: Doesn't sink into to fine lines and it's not drying (though it's not moisturizing either).  Obviously, I'd never buy it again though b/c of the the color on me :\

    I don't particularly blame the lipstick as much as myself ahah but it does tell me that my skintone must be somehow quite different from Xteeener, Frmheadtotoe, and Rainy Days & Lattes :(  cuz on me it looks NOTHING like what it looks like on them (they get a pink-gold finish).   It got a 4.0/5.0 on Makeup Alley too, so I'm clearly in the minority when it comes this lipstick *sigh* however, if you look at the low ratings, there are some that say that it turns grey/purple on them too.  This seems to happen to both warm and cool-toned people so I can't really pinpoint why exactly...  If you know, please enlighten me!

    Anyway, I returned this puppy since I don't see it working out for me (ever) and if anybody else has had this purple-lips experience with this lipstick too - let me know! We may be skin undertone twins ^_^!

    UPDATE...perhaps an answer to the mystery:

    My lips are pretty damn dark (plum-red to bright pink, though I'm a NC25) so maybe that's why Airy Fairy is so purple-y on me whereas I love peachy orange-corals like NYX Pumpkin Pie?

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