Puccho Kajitsu King Candy + Otano no topo (Creme Brulee) + Award

    Nothing like spending a leisurely Sunday eating sweets, watching My Fair Wedding reruns, and surfing the internet.  Love it ^_^

    Let me introduce you to one of the most interesting candy I've eaten in awhile - Puccho Kajitsu King candy.  The bag makes me chuckle ^^ It's pretty off the wall even considering the Asian love of kooky packaging~ 

    It has real chunks of dried strawberry and pineapple in it and is made by the same company who makes Hi-Chew, so the white part has a similar (if not identical) flavor and consistency.

    I really dig how they used real bits of fruit in the candy, which you can really taste since the white part doesn't really taste like much - it tastes (and looks) exactly the same as the white coating on the Hi-chew candies.  There is a definite pineapple flavor, more than strawberry, which is understandable since it's naturally a stronger flavor. Since there's fruit the texture of the candy is pretty odd...dried fruit + chewy candy but it's not unpleasant. 

    This is definitely one of the more unique candies I've ever eaten and it's my brother's favorite Asian candy - and that's saying something since he always tries every piece of candy I buy (usually behind my back -____-).  ahhah and it is certainly a must try :}

    Otona no topo is a kind of bastardized Pocky ^_^ all the coating is on the inside~

    Each box came with two packets :} The hollow tubes are coated on the inside with a (really) sweet creme brulee flavored cream, but it lacked the subtly of real creme brulee so I actually didn't like this too much :\  The cracker part was oddly...salty?  and that made the cream even sweeter.  I prefer the "real" Pocky ^_^  You won't be missing out on much if you don't try this I think.

    Also, this is much belated post but Elisa of Memorable Days was kind enough to tag me for this awhile back :)

    I tried valiantly to not tag people who have been tagged before by me so here goes to my more recent discoveries (or those I hadn't gotten to tagging till now) who have impressed me with their well-rounded posts and lovely personalities:

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    FYI: I tagged a lot of people in previous award tags but I'm really bad with going around and 'alerting' people ^_^ So, please - if you have time, please mosey on over through my old award tags cuz I prolly tagged you and didn't tell you :P

    I hope everyone's having a wonderful weekend!

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