RnR Eyeshadow Review + Get RnR Eye Shadows for $5.85/each

    I am sort of mashing a review up with a sales alert to kill two birds with one stone.  Plus I want to introduce y'all to these shadows while a lot of  eyeshadow colors are available ;)  I am not sure about this yet but I believe that all R&R cosmetics are being phased out (not just the blushes), so as time goes by, less and less will be available.  So if you want any R&R cosmetics, you are running out of time :\  This is another long post so I posted most of the content after the jump.
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    R&R Shadow Reviews - Jaded, Nailed, and Lawsuit
    Current R&R Sales
    How to Get R&R Eye Shadows for $5.85/each
    Another Good Deal Method
    Top CCW: Lawsuit, Jaded, Nailed

    I briefly mentioned R&R eyeshadows here, but let me give you quick overview of just the eyeshadow colors I received.  I won't be talking about the blush because I already did a review of the other R&R blush colors I have and let's face it, everyone and their grandma knows how great R&R blushes are.
    Rock & Republic Eye Shadow Description  
    - Available in three finishes: matte, satin or shimmer 
    - Long wearing, formulated for easy application 
    - Richly pigmented 
    - Fine jet-milled powder  
    - Full range of shades
      Cost: I got these shadows 50%, before they got marked down, so I paid $14/eyeshadow + .99 shipping.


      R&R eyeshadows are essentially the R&R blush in miniature.  They are literally exactly the same except for size with the identical magnetic enclosures and mirrors inside.  You can see the size comparisons above.  Even though the eyeshadow is smaller than the blush, it's still an awful lot of product for one eyeshadow color O_O  Trust me on that - much like the blushes, you will probably never be able to hit the pan on these.

      All swatches and descriptions in italics are from Karla Sugar (click here to see all R&R shadow swatches)!  All her swatches are very accurate1

      Karla Sugar Says: Jaded is a very iridescent blue-green that makes me think of Monet’s waterlilies (high shimmer).
      Finish: Shimmer, but not high-high shimmer as you might think.  The picture below is a very accurate look at the color.  It has a silvery, cool-toned sheen.

      Quality: Very finely milled, great quality, creamy, blendable, and highly pigmented.
      Overall: I made the the mistake of picking up another seafoam green -__- but that said, it's a lovely color and it really does remind me of the type of green Asians tend to wear - subtle and shimmery.  I would say this color is very nicely suited for cool tones.  However, as nice as the color is, I suspect NYX Wildfire and/or NYX Seafoam Green are dupes of this color, although I haven't done side-by-side comparison yet.

      Karla Sugar Says: Nailed is a super shimmery charcoal (high shimmer).
      Finish: Very shimmery with micro silver flecks.  No fallout at all and the shimmer is a gorgeous subtle grey-silver that is silky smooth on application. This is a very basic color - a cool dark gray.

      Quality: Very finely milled, great quality, creamy, blendable, and highly pigmented. 
      Overall: A basic color that will be hella useful for smoky eyes.  Gorgeous color, however, I feel that this is a dupe-able color or at least it's not an "unusual" color.  I am sure you can find charcoal greys elsewhere.  HOWEVER, this is such a basic, usable shade and for $5.85, I think this would be a great buy since you could always use it.

      Karla Sugar Says: Lawsuit is a totally cool dark brown that reflects green/blue-green; sort of the same idea as MAC Club (medium shimmer).
      Finish: Shimmery, though not as much as Nailed.  The most surprisingly duochrome eyeshadow I'e ever seen.

      Quality: Unlike Jaded and Nailed, I found this too be crumbly and little chunky.  It was a little difficult to apply evenly and bet it's because it's duochrome.   Definitely the most difficult in terms of application of the three. This struck me as very odd since R&R is known for their excellent finely milled quality.  However, it's incredibly pigmented and very creamy. 
      Overall: This is by far one of the most popular R&R shadows for a reason, it's so duochrome.  It goes on brown but shimmers a stark green!  I could look at it for hours and I was most excited about this color~  If you apply just this on your lid it looks like you are wearing two colors, brown on the outer corners, green in the center - it's awesome!  This would be great on days you're in a rush - with one color, it'll look like you're wearing two.  That said, this shade is not without it's faults, I found applying this difficult.  Mine was "chunky" - about 1-2mm sized bits would cake off the pan so I had to tap it off after every brush sweep. 

      As much as I like this color, I feel that this color is deceptively difficult to wear if you want to wear it as a dramatic look. I feel that this is one of those colors that shifts between warm and cool-tones aka the brown is warm-toned and the green is cool-toned.  This means those with only "neutral" complexions can really pull this off all the time.  On me it was almost a bit muddy looking (I think the brown was too warm for my face), but then again it's eyeshadow, not foundation, so it's not that big of a deal.   Also, if you're just using a thin wash of this color, this honestly isn't a problem at all.  I'm just being critical, as usual.   Overall, I'd say this is one of the most unique colors I own and I don't regret this color at all.  I highly recommend you snag this color if you're doing a R&R haul.

      On R&R Shadows in General
      - A steal at $5.85 each.
      - Excellent quality: good pigmentation, 2 of the 3 colors were non-streaky and blend beautifully.
      - All are very finely milled and highly pigmented.
      - Enormous color selection.
      - Purty packaging!
      - All are very creamy and blendable.

      - Lawsuit was kind of crumbly, which confuses me. I suspect it might be just my pan.
      - Packaging is way too bulky to be carried around.

      I think the quantity you get is both a pro and a con.  You definitely get a bang for your buck but seriously, I have no idea why anyone would need so much of one shadow color :\ Maybe except for the matte blacks and whites, I feel a lot of product will eventually go to waste in the end >< That said...yes, I'll prolly buy more shadows because...$5.85/shadow is effing amazing!  Do use Karla Sugar's swatches as reference because all her swatches are spot on and she has all of them swatched.

      R&R Sales
      Ok, now for the sales ^^ R&R is actually holding two sales right now O_O

      You can only use 1 promo code at a time ^^  But if you want to get non-eyeshadows, use the 50% off all cosmetics obviously.  The BOGO promotion is not as good as it sounds honestly - it basically takes off only $14 flat :\

      How to Get R&R Shadows for $5.85/each
      For blushes, X-rated is still available and I so recommend it. Go here for more info on buying R&R blushes. As for eyeshadows~ The best way to get a good deal is actually to just use the 50% off deal.  This method will show you how to take advantage of both the $25 off Friend Invite and promo codes.

      1.) Get a Friend Invite for $25 off first purchase (link or email me at insideoutelle@gmail.com.  For the link, I do not get the $25 referral bonus but if you don't mind waiting a bit ^^, feel free to email me and I'll send you a personal Friend Invite that gives both you and me $25 off our next purchase).  You must spend $75+ to get $25 off your first purchase.  Once you get the Friend Invite and make an account, the $25 off will be automatically applied without a promo code after you add $75+ to your cart.

      2.) Go to R&R eyeshadow ($14/each) page.

      3.) Add 7 eyeshadow colors to your cart.

      4.) R&R has gotten rid of .99 shipping :( Now it's just Free Shipping for $150+.  Anyway, the cheapest shipping for 5+ items is $16.95. Yeah...it's ridiculous :\

      5.) Type in ROCKCOSMETICS into promo code box for 50% your whole purchase.  You enter promo codes right before you Confirm your purchase, so don't forget ^_^

      6.) Look at that lovely discount! You end up getting 7 shadows for only $40.95/7 = ~$5.85/each Even with the $16.95 shipping, this is much better than any HauteLook sale you're going to come across (HL sells e/s for $11.20/each + $6.95 flat S&H).

      And here's proof that the BOGO deal is not as good as it sounds :P

      See it only knocks off a measly $14 :P This results in $75.95/7 = $10.85/shadow....not good at all :P.

      Another Good Deal Method
      For those hankering after a blush, a good combo to get 1 blush and 5 shadows:

      This lets you get a blush + 5 shadows for a mere $46.95/6 = ~$7.83/each.  Not bad considering you get a huge blush!  Anyway, the combos are pretty much limitless.  Basically, just get a Friend Invite, add as close to $75 as you can get to your cart, and use the 50% off code.  Good luck peeps :D!

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